Birds of Prey: and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn


The real question though Rachel is were you familiar with the birds of prey and these characters prior to the film. So I knew I've done a lot more of like the Marvel Mc you blah blah blah. But I knew a lot of the DC characters from the animated series like Justice League and Justice League unlimited and teen titans and like the the original Batman animated series. So I knew a lot of these characters but not in the context of birds of prey. yeah very cool my myself Black Canary I learned about a lot from the justice video gains from the CW show Arrow. Which I it's honestly it's not my favorite. Wdc Show but at the same time boy it started at all and I do love. It is your favorite. My favorite is honestly the flash the FLASHER supergirl. I've heard those are the two. Warren really likes them. I forget to watch the. I've heard really good things. Yeah no the flash. It's tough because if you're not the person that like 'cause Arrow has it's weird funky shit to but like if you're not a fan of the weird and has like weird you might not like the Flash. I love it and honestly yogurt. Sawn has become one of the greatest villains of ANY SUPERHERO BASED MEDIA. I've seen And also his name is. Yo- barred thon boy. Do I love. It really is a good name so we please So one of the things that like what just to start off one of the things I loved about birds of Prey. That is put me off a lot of. Dc stuff is that. I don't love when shows have people that are all attractive in the same sort of way yeah I know where everyone's like a polished millennial or polished older person or Polish like teenager Here's a guy with short hair named Chris. Yeah again you know. Here are all these rails in model tall women. Here's you know all these instagram models doing a show. It's like it doesn't. There's something about it that always takes me out of it a little bit and one of the things. I loved about birds of prey. That will get more into. Is that Everyone was such sessia unique character like they very much came from their own styles. Their own half. They weren't having to in a world together because they were a world together. Yeah so let me ask you this. Can you sum up the story of the movie since we're talking about a little bit in a lot of the ideas of what we love about it How would you sum up the movie? Go Rachel Go. Yeah so high summit up is on the movie starts where a Harley Quinn and joker just broken up. And she's narrating delightfully sort of like how they got together. How the relationship was going sort of all the benefits. She got from being in a relationship with him and now she's the process of grieving that relationship and sort of the the steps. She's taking like when she won't admit to it when she's just sad about it and when she starts to like do something and like work through it And in that process it sort of opens up this This space for a new Super Villain to start to take hold of the city and when that happens it starts to bring all these other characters a cop down on their luck of secret character that is revealed later in the story and even like the the evil guys Driver come into play to handle all these things. It's actually beautiful. A how like all these people get woven into the same

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