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The Day We Got To Know Gandhi and Froggy A Little Better - burst 14


I and Selena Gomez truck I love a good Taco truck low. Yeah thank you for the good. Selena Gomez is getting her own talk show. It's going to be a ten episode series on HBO. Max It's going to show her quarantine cooking skills now. No she's not a professional cook. You know that she just loves to cook and she will be talking with master chefs remotely. She will highlight different food charities so this is something pretty cool that you'll be working on and corona virus expert. Dr Vouch e was the inspiration behind a sexy scientists character in a romance novel. Called happy endings. Don't laugh running back. In nineteen ninety one. The author actually met him. The author actually met him back in the day fell in love with him thought he was so sexy and decided that he was going to be our inspiration for this character in the book. So maybe you want to pick the book up. Called happy endings. Came out in one thousand nine hundred one tonight survivor. The mass singer Riverdale You could watch Hollywood on Netflix. Which were loving. There's also becoming on Netflix. Which came out. Excuse

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