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In the fall I want to answer this in the discussion the Miami Dolphins


Want to answer this in the discussion the Miami Dolphins their team president Tom Garfinkel was on Good Morning America and they showed some pictures of what the entrances at hard rock stadium would look like and Garfinkel goes listen we have times to come in for security if different gates so people will be separated in terms of when they enter we would exit the stadium much like a church environment where each row exits so people aren't filing out at the same time the mock up also showed colored spots on the ground leading up to the entrance gates to designate the distance needed between fans and also you're seeing kind of an order from your seat model we're only allowed to go upstairs and get your food once your boss hard rock stadium holds approximately sixty five thousand fans which by the way dolphins never fill but the dolphin said they might be down to fifteen thousand for next season as they adjust to a different set up now this was in concert with Arkansas because they're gonna start to have concerts and their rules and it would you know again I don't know how you're going to get people to do this the problem with the conversation about sports when it pertains to fans these people are presuming that fans will want to go and currently the data does not suggest that to be the case all people want sports and they want it without fans if you gave everybody their freedoms tomorrow a vast majority of people would not take them they wouldn't be ready to use them open up restaurants tomorrow see awful there it's the same thing here why is the NFL shooting for a day a day more

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