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Give yourself a window



Done choosing a range rather than an exact time can cut down on all kinds of time anxiety. We've all been on the receiving end of time windows. The groceries will be delivered between ten and noon. The Cable Guy will come sometime between the window of nine am and five PM. We hope wider ranges are often frustrating. As you cool your heels waiting for the Palmer to show up but tighter range is can be smart. If you like me get quite worked up about being on time to things. Arranged turns down the temperature. A bit for deadlines that don't need to be that strict so to be clear. This tip is mostly for the punctual. Folks listening to this though if you listened to productivity podcasts. My guess is that you're more likely to fall into this category than the average person as I'm writing this many of us haven't gone anywhere for sale but as life goes back to normal people will make plans and plans often involve times if someone tells me to be somewhere at ten. Am I tend to figure out how long it will take me to get there and figure out how long it will take me to get ready? And then I build a buffer so I will be arriving by nine fifty seven. Am even if there is traffic or a complicated parking situation and that's fine for a really important. It's less necessary if ten families are all meeting up at playground or if I just need to touch base with someone briefly by phone my personality is such that if someone tells me to get them something by two pm on Thursday I will then move heaven and earth to do so without asking. If there's a reason for that timing. This can be frustrating for everyone if it turns out. There isn't really a reason so recently as I was in a seemingly endless email chain about setting a time for a call trying to figure out an exact time that would work around baby feedings and such. I realized that I was better off. Saying hey couldn't just call you sometime between ten and eleven. The person agreed especially since I made it very clear that she didn't need to sit around waiting for my call. If it didn't work to pick up when I called well we'd try back in a little bit. I was so much more relaxed about this than if I'd tried to set an exact time and I'm sure that came through when we did connect if you find yourself doing similar acrobatics to meet an exact time that doesn't have to be exact. Maybe you could try giving yourself a window to we'll be at the playground around two or two thirty and would love to see you there or I can give this report back to sometime next week. Unless there's a more specific time you need it by now if you are not the

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