Boston - New England Patriots FB James Develin on decision to retire from football


James Devlin who is chosen to retire and recently announced that retirement from football and from from the the New New England England Patriots Patriots and and he he he actually actually actually was was was a a a guest guest guest on on on the the the Jim Jim Jim Rome Rome Rome show show show on on on CBS CBS CBS sports sports sports radio radio radio we've we've we've got got got three three three more more more no no no choose choose choose my my family family over over everything everything because because that is something that that will always be my number one priority is my family and and has their well being and you know I need to be to be able to provide for them for three years the calm not only monetarily but not just emotionally physically being there and and you know spiritually been with them a wise decision a tough decision but a wise decision that a lot of athletes have to make and it can be difficult to head versus heart our priority is trying to get them straight and and make the right decision not just for you but for the people who love you and depend on you

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