May the Fourth Be with You

Innovation Now


Watching films aboard the International Space Station is one way for the crew to bond and decompress and guess which film just became an astronaut favorite innovation now occasionally NASA is share some of the latest film releases with astronauts on the International Space Station to enjoy at their leisure. Imagine watching your favorite science fiction movie while literally floating in microgravity recently astronauts on station had the opportunity to watch star wars the rise of skywalker while two of the actors from the film got to visit Mission Control at NASA Johnson Space Center Kelly Marie Tran and Naomi. Aki are used to inhabiting galaxies. Far Far Away at least on screen but they spent the day learning about NASA's plans for exploring places a little closer to home. The pair got a chance to train like real astronauts and posed for pictures with some of NASA's robotic explorers while learning about the optimist program whether your favorite is the rise of skywalker or return of the Jedi take a cue from the astronauts and watch a movie today and for all you star wars fans out there may the fourth be with you for innovation. Now I'm Jennifer. Pulley innovation now is produced by the National Institute of Aerospace through with NASA.

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