Los Angeles - Help Needed To Identify Possible Burglary Victims In Recovered Family Photos


LAPD detectives hunting for serial burglary suspects have found hundreds of family photos in the course of their investigation and are looking to return them to the owners one Devonshire division detective Ian Lewis analyzed evidence from Mercedes Benz that was stolen on April twenty seventh from a home in the valley and recovered forty miles away there was DNA material fingerprints and something else inside I located a hundred and three family photographs that were mostly dated from the early to mid nineteen nineties throughout the car Lewis said the photos are of the type people prize family shops at social gatherings with generations of relatives of the pictures there physically and emotionally irreplaceable detectives are now putting some of those photos on social media for two reasons first find the owners and second interview the most possible victims of the serial burglars which could help the police put together a stronger prosecution

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