Visit Philadelphia launches new online platform for tourism, hospitality jobs


Available to help those who lost their jobs in the tourism and hospitality industries during the pandemic table. W's John McDevitt report visit Philadelphia has launched a job section on its website for tourism and hospitality jobseekers to go. It is a one stop shop. That's Jeff Guaracy. No, the president, CEO of Visit Philadelphia. The hospitality industry is a major industry in this region and employees. More than 103,000 Family sustaining jobs and then covert hit and immediately we lost 44,000 jobs in the industry as we were staying at home. Now, as the tourism industry begins its flow re open to welcome back visitors to come and explore a region People are hiring. They're wide variety of job opportunities of places like hotels, restaurants and other businesses throughout the region, And he says, there will soon be pulls for jobs of museums and other attractions. The services free more information that visit Philly Duck comes last Dobbs. John McDevitt came one ofyou. NewsRadio. We

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