Trump commutes Roger Stone's sentence


Was widely anticipated. But Friday night President Trump made it official. He commuted the sentence of his longtime associate, Roger Stone, who had been convicted of seven felonies, including lying to Congress, witness tampering and obstructing Congress in the Russia investigation. ABC News chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas discussed Roger Stone's case. With Attorney General William Bar Just this week. The attorney general reiterated this week in an interview with us that he believes that Roger Stone's prosecution was righteous, and he he believes believes believes that that that Roger Roger Roger Stone Stone Stone deserve deserve deserve prison prison prison time. time. time. But But But he he he acknowledged acknowledged acknowledged that that that it it it was was was going going going to to to be be be the the the president's president's president's Col. Col. Col. Stone Stone Stone was was was scheduled scheduled scheduled to to to report report report to to to prison prison prison for for for 40 40 40 month month month incarceration incarceration incarceration next Tuesday. Fast moving

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