Introducing: 'Business of HYPE Episode with Asa Akira'

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Episode we have quite possibly the most prolific and successful adult actress, maybe ever the one and only secure. I think people will probably will at first glance of seeing this wonder. Why someone in porn is on the business of high. Do you think it's weird, too, or do you think like no? This makes sense. Well, I think it makes sense because porn has been my job for the last ten years, and so to me, it's very much business. Maybe when I first went into porn, I would've thought like yeah. What is a star doing or anyone in porn? Doing on a business related anything like to me? It looked like a hobby from outside. The way you think is that the way the majority of the people think in porn. Yeah, I think it's pretty hard not to once. You've been in it for a while. But I mean. Yeah, I think even even like escorting. Is the business get to a high place in their career and they probably don't want to. They're probably like Oh shit, Rendu tomorrow. I'm going to go shoot a scene. and. Operate that way in the adult industry. Yeah, I, mean that's like as a consumer on the outside the percent. The overall perception is that everyone is trying to like. Do a quick thing to make ends. Meet or like. Do this for a little bit until like they pay off college or something like that but i. don't know if that's actually the truth. I mean yes, and no I kind of like because I think I looked at it that way to going in, but like now that I've been in it for a while i. kind of like resent that outlook, because or that perception just because it's like. I think the common joke we grow up with is like. Oh, well if I can't do this. I can always do porn porn is actually pretty hard. To do well, yeah. Or even. Like. It's hard. It's hard. You know like first of all you ruining your life so already. That's all. It ruins your life I mean even I think I'm the best case scenario and Porn I've been so lucky and I've you know seen like a good amount of success? But yeah, there's I definitely ruined my life in a lot of ways like there's so many things I'll never be able to do. You know I can never work with kids I can hardly be in a photo with a kid without like thinking like Oh. Shit is going to be okay. Where's this going? Yeah, or like and then just like a lot of things that I've completely closed off to all. Never be a politician that I wanted to, but you know. Do you think about that when you were going into the industry or you didn't have any sort of like? Okay I honestly like. I wish I could tell you different. But I I really. became a serious person in porn like I. Consider Myself Pretty Serious Person. No, like porn guts you street. Oh, totally before was on drugs. I never thought about. Like saving money or career, future career or anything I was really living day to day in. The. Industry saved you. Definitely the rarity. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I mean I think. I think for a certain kind of person like myself. Porn has been the perfect job like it really has like it. I joke and say it saved me, but I think it really did. It's given me like a lot of things that I didn't have before like even just on. Aside for money, just on a personal level like I have self confidence I have. Self Worth. But I think for most people in the world this is this would be the worst job in the world because you're ruining your life, and also just because most people at the end of the day don't WanNa have sex on camera for money like they just don't and that's. That's the norm. Yeah, right, so interesting, okay? As a young person coming into the industry, or maybe even like someone who's not in the industry was considering it. Have you ever asked you like? Hey, should I get into the adult industry? What do you tell them? Do you advise them on it? I mean. Like I mean I give them things to consider that I wish someone would have given me to consider, and like I got lucky. I think but like. For me! Like I would do porn. Porn is not worth it if you're doing it for money. because. It's not that much money. It's not as much money as people think you're not set up for life. It's not enough money where like you don't have to worry about post porn. You know what I mean like. You're still going to make money after porn. It's not like that, and then like okay, so let's let's reference little bit so I I have to Google this, but maybe the average US worker. What's what's like median salary now like a? Thousand maybe forty five fifty thousand dollars a year I. Don't know I really don't know okay. So, what is it for like an adult actress I mean it's more than that I'm GonNa Google. It's more than that. I mean like you have to think on average if you're a brand new girl, depending on how hot you are and how big the hype is around you for a boy girl, vaginal sex scene, so like one boy, one girl, and it's in your vagina. You'll probably make for brand new girl between eight hundred to twelve hundred dollars. Per Scene for. How long and that takes anywhere between two hours to twenty four hours.

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