Supreme Court says Manhattan DA can get Trump's tax records, but rejects bid by House Democrats



A Supreme Court ruling on President Trump's tax returns and other documents brings the case down to lower courts. Fox's Shannon Bream explains, in particular case, the one involving the New York prosecutor, Cyrus Sands, That case actually have to go back to the lower court in the District Court. For this to be essentially in some ways, Relitigating not on the issue of whether President has immunity or not. Court is unanimous that the president does not have absolute immunity when it comes to a state criminal subpoena. What they said this has to go back down for other argument that the president Yes, and his legal team may make so it's gonna be a while before Cyrus Vance may say hand over the records and the two financial companies that have those records and said, Listen, we're gonna comply with whatever the court order us to dio. But the president's legal team has made very clear that opening is there for them to go re argue this case, maybe argue additional grounds. They're going to take their time doing that. Democrats are still calling for the president to show his financial records to the

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