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Welcome to clinical hats. Where real working. Dentists Talk Real Dentistry. Sit Back Relax. Tighten your tough. Meiring prepares to be clinically hacked clinical hack Swiss listeners. Welcome back to another episode of the clinical hacks and the gang is all here first of all from North Carolina. Mack Jones. What it's Mac. Who WAS UPSET COULD BE BACK? Mac. What's your way in on the last dance. I know you're a big Carolina Guy Jordan Fan way on the last dance for me so I am a big Carolina. Guy I am not actually a huge Jordan Fan. Oh thickens epic player great competitor? I'm a big fan of people who are great fathers and great family men in great people and I don't know necessarily that's how you would describe him I think when you're that competitive you have to be a little bit on the cell facade and we're seeing Abyan in the last dance But it's been entertaining. It seems to kind of be about everything. But the ninety seven ninety eight season which is so quirky. Got a good friend who had a great analogy that I think they. They basically didn't realize how hard is going to beat it hours of footage for this and they really want to try and get outside. It's good and we're watching it recording it and watching it and it's it's great but it's it's a lot of stuff we've seen over the years. I haven't seen a lot of really your shopping stuff. But GOTCHA AND THE NO LAB. That we don't have sports at his killer port and speaking of the last dance latest episode. I don't know if you're Watching it or not Kevin but They of course got to show the shot and breathing down your beloved Cleveland Cavaliers. So Punch again to watch that. So you know that shot over Craig. Hilo is so famous and You Know Million Times. It doesn't it doesn't bother me anymore. But Oh my God he just. He just killed us. Every time the Bulls were always obstacle for that That cavaliers team to to get past this possible so So tonight we are talking about getting back into your office getting rebooted and what the. What the Clinical Hacker GonNa do both maybe business and maybe it may be clinically as well here so First of all Is there a reboot? Date Kevin over there in Cleveland for you. May I were up and running baby purse so by the time this will come out. You'll Varda been going for a few days. And is there anything in North Carolina yet? Macrey You Still Waiting Cylinders Still Hal. we're still under shelter in place orders until May the Eighth K. The State Dental Board released very vague statement. Today alum basically saying we never told you that you could work okay but you have to some crazy stuff. Basically hold the standard of Care Right now. We're not exactly we'll tell you what that is but some link you can and that my gin that's about all we have at this point so we are hopeful in the next couple weeks. We're going to be back at it. You'll have anything. Definitive yet are in a Kansas City. Here in Jackson Jackson County Kansas City Missouri. They've pretty well told us. After may fifteen which is a Friday so I think barring anything weird we're planning on May eighteenth is a is a full ramp up and I've still been seeing emergencies just a couple days a week. Not Very many patients to be honest with you. So all right so Kevin I. I think it's fair to say that you're the most business savvy of the of the three of us. Think you've taken the most business courses plus you've got the most experience so is let's here. Let's let's hear the Kevin Fryer playbook on rebooting rebuilding the dental office. So I think everyone should just rush back into their office. Just treat. Everyone like normal just businesses usual. Just hit the ground remote okay. I realize the problem here Kevin I hate to tell you this. You're not responsible for the majority. Your success We it's clear we need someone else to come in and a Is Your Wife Home Can. Can she come to come to the phone? Can we must you see? Are you there guys? I'm here coming over for not. Just sit in my corner so we definitely have a plan. Don't listen to Kevin at all. We've definitely have a plan for what we're GONNA do in terms of keeping our patients a safe as possible and keeping our team safest possible that's been our priority from day. One you know Kevin. I has spent hours and hours trying to figure out how to resume safely when when we're ready so there's definitely a plan right now. It's a three page plan that we're going to present to our team tomorrow others only. I guess we. This is a shorter form. Podcasts don't know if I have the full three pages you know. Let's meetings mild about that. Yeah Okay so. Let's let's breakdown. Let's try to cliff notes this out as much as we can here. Like what's like one or one or two safety things you want to mention. Then let's get more. Into like the business reboot part of things here. Yeah so basically. Basically I think it's really important for Americans to know that we are on everyone's side and that we'd have been following Nodia. We've been following. Cdc Our governor and everything that we're going to implement or that we have already been implementing is all you know really following those guidelines. So I think for us just letting our team in our patients now that they are a priority in that we are. You know we're going to follow those guidelines has been some peace of mind. I know within the dental community. There have been people who have not liked the. They think they're dentist. Is going to handle things or same thing with team members and I just want everyone to know that we are. We have got everyone's we've got every once back so no we're going to start off with some You know when it comes to and arrives at the office there is already a sign made where they're going to text best once they get there. We'll have someone at the door ready to greet them. I'm to take their temperature. Asks The Standard Cova questions track all of that and then bring them right back into the treatment room We're not allowing extra guests. Obviously in the waiting room and the floor is marked by the front office to establish a six feet from the front office if they do have to stop and talk to someone You know like I'm away out on our plan. Ideally is to bring people right in and be ready to go for We're.

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