Narcissus and Echo

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Narcissus and Echo. Once upon a time in ancient Greece there was a young man named Narcissus. From the minute he was born. It was clear to everyone that he was no normal baby. The ancient gods of Mount Olympus had gifted him with a beauty beyond measure. He was the cutest baby anyone had ever seen, and his cheeks were nearly perpetually pink from all the pinching. As, he got older. He only grew more beautiful. His hair was the gentle tumble of a hidden waterfall over golden stones. His eyes were piercing moons that sets way to the tides of your mind. His smile was pure and bright and radiant like the hot white son of a midsummer's Day flooding. You with warmth. Yes, young narcissists was blessed by the Gods with beauty. But if you're not careful, even a blessing can turn into a curse. For narcissists. It started when he was just a teen people noticed his beauty. They wanted to be married to him. They wanted to be him. They just wanted to be close to him and to make him happy. Unfortunately, all of that positive attention went right to his head. Before Long Narcissus was convinced that not only was he a beautiful handsome, strapping image of a man. He was the most beautiful the most handsome, and that he was simply the God's gift to the world. People would ask him to be friends to walk with them in the woods or play with them at their games and Narcissus would laugh in their faces. You want me to play with you. He would say I'm a work of art and your just well. You enjoy my beauty from afar. Shout your praises, but don't come to close or else I'll have to see how much uglier you all are, and it will ruin my day. This was of course, a terribly rude way to behave, but because narcissus was so incredibly beautiful, he usually managed to get away with it. This is the thing that happens sometimes, and it's not fair, but don't worry in this case. Bad behavior will not be tolerated for long. For, Narcissus, it was one long summer when he couldn't get any rest everywhere, he went. People called out to him. Narcissus Mary Me Dr. CICIS let me sculpt you nor Souza's let me just have a kiss and I can die a happy man. On and on they came, and as much as narcissus love to be admired. He hated the common people to him. It was just wildly unfair that he had to look at their average faces while they got to stare at an absolute one of a kind genuine work of art. In his mind, he decided a perfect world would be populated by him and him alone beautiful and perfect without anyone to bother him. But seeing as that was impossible, narcissus decided to take a break. One beautiful. Sun Drenched Day. He packed bag and hiked away into the forest near Mount Olympus. Out here, there was no one to bother him. There were no average faces to be annoyed by deep in the woods. Narcissus confined only be alone with his beautiful self. or so he thought in Ancient Greece even in the deep dark depths of the enchanted woods, there were creatures ready to fall in love creatures who looked familiar, but not quite human, and one of them was watching Narcissus already scrambling from branch to branch after him nimble as a squirrel, the creature was a Nymph, and her name was echo. NYMPHS are spirits of the forest, and they're always curious about human travelers. They were considered very beautiful in own right known to stop people in their tracks with just a glance acco was even more beautiful than most she had dappled skin that blushed light, pink and dark, purple like flowers, her eyes sparkled like the stars on the seas, and her hair was a wild mass of flowing green. Eco was beautiful, but she had also been cursed by the Gods in punishment for some trouble she. She had caused for Zeus and his many wives echo lost the gift of speech

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