Bolton: Trump 'frequently' spoke to China's Xi about reelection


A day before his bombshell memoir hits the bookshelves former national security adviser John Bolton's giving some detailed scathing assessments about the White House before he and president trump parted ways on less than cordial terms one involves Chinese leader xi jin ping and peers Frank or Donia says that according to Bolton trump and she spoke often about the president's reelection prospects in that both lamented the Donald Trump could not serve more than two terms according to Bolton trump would tell Chinese president xi Ching paying that his supporters thought the term limits were unfortunate I just thought this was it was it was the kind of back and forth with authoritarian leaders that did not reflect well on Donald Trump himself or the presidency or the United States in an interview with NPR's Steve Inskeep Boehm said his seventeen months in the administration created a difficult dilemma form he said he would not be able to vote again for the Republican president he also said he wouldn't vote for Joe Biden but instead planned to write in the name of a conservative Republican who he would identify later Franco or doing as

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