Democrats Call For Investigation, Roundly Denounce Barr’s Attempt To Fire U.S. Attorney


Democrats in Congress are demanding an investigation investigation into into the the sudden sudden firing firing this this weekend weekend up up Geoffrey Geoffrey Berman Berman with with the the top top federal federal prosecutor prosecutor in in the the Southern Southern District District of of New New York York the the Berman Berman has has overseen overseen a a slate slate of politically fraught cases including the prosecutions of the president's former personal attorney Michael Cohen at his current lawyer Rudy Giuliani a justice department has not yet explained why Berman was fired what did they know when did they know it and why did they do it Democrats say Attorney General William Barr's decision to fire the U. S. attorney for the Southern District of New York reeks of potential corruption he certainly deserves impatient about again that's a waste of time because the Republicans in the Senate won't look at that the standoff began late Friday when Barr said Berman was stepping down and the chairman of the securities and exchange commission Jay Clayton was tapped to replace him Berman had security guilty plea from Michael Cohen the president's former personal attorney and was in the process of prosecuting two associates of Rudy Giuliani the president's current lawyer however later that evening Berman fired back against bar saying I have not resigned and have no intention of resigning I'm just here to do my job on Saturday morning Berman showed up for work in lower Manhattan a short time later Barr said Berman was offered other justice department jobs but after indicating he had no intention of resigning Barr wrote us the president to remove you and he has done so for his weekend rally president trump said he was bars call I don't get involved I just don't get involved but the president has to sign a document or I guess given the okay Senate Republican Tim Scott said he was not concerned Berman's removal will affect any inquires everyone in the DOJ works at the pleasure of the president number one number two there's no indication whatsoever that whatever is being investigated will not continue to move on for now Berman's deputy will be the acting U. S. attorney critics point to Jay Clayton's close ties to Wall Street and his lack of experience as a federal prosecutor one of the president's top allies Republican senator Lindsey Graham who will oversee the confirmation process CBS news late last night that he will not move forward until they're signed up from the two New York senators and both have signaled they won't provide

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