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Bitcoin Flirting With $10k


Four dollars sixty three so very close anyway. Have a go at that. Put the trying to call injury referral area and we both do out of that. Pretty psyched to get the con- actually. I'll be doing that after doing this. Podcast will have an actually go set up on the hill. Well what's happened yesterday? Will yesterday? I didn't talk to you at all. My apologies it was a very busy dying and I just forgot I have not done a podcast on the day that a mentor. Really and Yup just on I'm back now. Never Fade on around and Look we seen exactly what else hyping to say from bitcoin. And I'm talking to the daily now. Go is what did we see what we saw the daily print that littlest channel break the hall on the list lost today. We've had the break of the haunt which is SORTA run back up into ten thousand right now and really really really locking the look of this market. I WANNA say push you high highs which gets US above what what ten thousand one hundred on the F. T. X. perpetual contract so what it's not looking too bad things can change very quick look at it weekly currently at the mine route. Nine point four percent on the way that is the wake of the hardening will the having. At least. It's out of the way so I'm pretty pretty a wild and you WANNA get my rap on the wake. We'll go to my youtube page because on the Youtube page today later on on going to be doing the this week in Crypto. Show that I do every week in Oregon. You should get on a day squads tone of the cash instead of watching. Share it round facades. Funday bit different. We're alley right now. Answer well we just sorta. Spock down quite brutal. Actually we went Bam all within a ninety two forty two an hour at ninety five fifty so wave Three and a half percent move in the loss to the forty. Five minutes pretty brutal. But what I'm saying is more on a daily that I'm focusing on down. Tape Point five percents at nine thousand five hundred fifty five onto a theory of two hundred dollars and thirty cents hanging on to that two hundred mark wrought as I speak to you. It's up so is down. One point four percent rotten deal going on except pay twenty cents. Yup that levels made significant for quite some time. It is significant still and it's hanging and holding vaunting down one point four four percents to twenty cents. Bitcoin cash has been absolutely disgusting. Awake to Thirty Eight Ninety Cents Down Warren Hoffa simple who says because it is completely solved by with bitcoin cash. Our bitcoin as we actually have a downtrend. Aloha on dial into the future shots at a sign of represent potential opportunities to short. Maybe tomorrow on the close of that daily candle for the cryptic cradle trading strategy base phase. One of them. I think will take you through the rest of the in. It's down one point one percent at one ninety one dollars. Lot Coin forty-three and twenty nine. Another one in the down trend. Barry's channel on the daily within one point six percent at forty three twenty on this woman that I ought to shine a candle. Big Spot on that now It wasn't it'll small bearish channel in the cradles and now would that spark that we saw down on the market. Maybe that just a few out because from that low on a specially instant bounce back of two point eight. Five three percent now Very very brutal pool. Back there. On a very quick turnaround. Aol So we could say some momentum carried through today yet white and say to two dollars and sixty cents. It's down one percent as I speak new donat swept down one point. Two one percent just grinding away. Pretty SLOW PRETTY QUANTUM BONNET. Sixteen dollars and fifteen cents. An hasn't been a rule move for the month so speaking of not real movies we did say a rule. Bul Out of the gate Through the back end of April there on cow Donna. Ready strong run. Seifollah month of my man just full of Chop sorta working between five point three cents and four point six cents banging around and tonight we still sit within that range. Kodama to five cents and its down point. Seven seven of a percentage theorem classic. Six twenty one of our looking shot. They're

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