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Chris Hayes to right-wing: Nothing is stupider than not wearing a mask as 'a badge of honor' - burst 11


Horrible in that case. It was the flu right. You remember the Spanish flu where it was a terrible period of time you will know what happened in one thousand nine hundred seventeen the last one thousand nine hundred seventeen that something's nineteen seventeen. Which was the greatest of them. All you look at nineteen seventeen the pandemic. It was something you know. The Big One was one thousand nine hundred seventeen and that was just the worst by far. That was a vicious that. Was the Spanish flu. Take all as we were attacked like nothing. That's happened possibly since one thousand nine hundred seventeen many many years ago you read about nine hundred seventeen and you read about certain things but I think in a modern age thing like that could never happen. The president often refers the great flu pandemic but weirdly insists on getting the year wrong over and

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