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So today's episode twenty one. I am with my friend and former colleague in Public L. She is still in public health. Joe Grown Brian. Thank you so much for coming into the show. Thanks for having Me Kevin. So we worked together for the whole time. I was in the local for five years or so I would say And then went downtown and did hospital stuff. But so how? Where did you grow up? Start with let's learn about you Where did you grow up? And what led you through school or or an interest when you were younger to get into nursing and then and in particular to get into Public Health Nursing Yup sure To grow return. Virginia who native Richmond Nder And I I remember thinking back When I was in sixth grade we had to write an autobiography as a school assignment. And as part of that assignment and we had to talk about what we wanted to be when we grew up and at the time I either wanted to be a nurse or a teacher So wanting to be nurses been part of WHO. I am for a really long time so since I was a young teenager And I think maybe the thing that kind of solidify that is caring for dying grandparent During my kind of middle teenage years And just seeing the great nurses who cared for her in our home Just steered me on that path And my mom also Has a background in healthcare. So kind of in the blood So that's what led me to become a nurse In terms of public health I can't say was ever a grand plan that I just knew I wanted to a public health nurse Actually started out as a hospital nurse. than a few years in hospital doing women's health women's surgery and caring for high risk. Pregnant Women But then you know as with many hospital. Nurses they long hours. The twelve hour shifts that we're turning into thirteen and fourteen hour shifts and the higher acuity of patients and the higher number of patients. just was very stressful And I decided that it was time for a change but didn't know what that change was going to be And someone who goes to my church said you know. We're always looking for good public health nurses and I thought yeah right. Whatever and a few months later she said you know we have a position open. I really think you should apply for it and I thought well what if I got to lose and it sounded kind of interesting and the schedule was definitely more appealing So I applied for the job knowing that I would probably get an interview but not really thinking it would go beyond that And ultimately they did offer me the position so I started working at a local health department And really loved it Didn't really know what I was going to be doing in public health in the beginning But quickly fell into a role where I was coordinating the Refugee Health Program As my primary duties but also My other major duties were in the Communicable Disease Program for Doing Communicable Disease Follow up For various communicable diseases and also doing to particular case management for patients who had active to break yellow system. So so you what school. You got your bachelor's in nursing how much public health was covered at one Where did you go to school at Nursing School Virginia Commonwealth University go rams right on and how much public health nursing public information? Is there in a typical or your. I guess a Bachelor's of nursing curriculum so we had a whole semester of community nursing and for every clinical base nursing class. You have a clinical But my clinical for My community nursing class with parish nursing so I was paired with A nurse who was doing parish nursing at her church and we really were looking at kind of doing a health assessment for just that one. Little Church I know that I had colleagues who spent or classmates rather who spent time at the health department but I didn't have that exposure and so I really did not have a whole lot of exposure to public health prior to actually starting to work for the Health Department. I remember One of the a during which was really when I first started you already Bed there during h one n one. So I started in January twenty eight when I was in full swing and one of the areas that we Took nations to was a really big church in eastern part of the county and they had like a whole kind of nursing really office. Station Clinic. Kind of thing set up there. Is that similar to kind of the experience that you had. So it's you provide screenings You know for the parishioners so I think Parish nursing definitely evolved now My clinical experience would have been a number of years before and that h one in one experience perish nursing was I would say from my Remembrance was relatively new at the time and but yes things and and like I know our we have a parish nurse who coordinates Health screenings and flu shot clinics Coordinates doing a CPR class once a year or so to things like that so they do exist and I think it just depends on the size of the parish our the Church of how much involvement there is and how much they do and is that usually there fulltime focus like though the fulltime parish nurse. Were they yeah? I think it depends again on the church so in my church is completely volunteer The nurse Who is in charge of that? Has Another time job So does the parish nursing gig just on the side

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