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Museums are closed right now. Due to the Kobe crisis but Brennan Echoes. Got Some ideas on how we can still see some beautiful art through a new a our APP that he's going to tell us all about a company called museum and he's going to tell us about bringing a using a are to bring great art into the home. Hey Brandon eight Jefferson. Thanks so much for having me yeah. You're absolutely right. I mean Kobe. Nineteen has certainly sent shockwaves throughout all of our lives but especially in the world of art and Culture Museums about ninety. Seven percent of the world's museums have been closed and the great treasures and resources that they contain have been inaccessible to the masses and so we as a company that focus on helping the world's museums and cultural institutions connect with audiences all around the globe using the power of of digital using the power of technology. We had been thinking a lot. About what something we could do to bring. These works into the homes of people all around so that they could experience the artwork make it personal and really revel in these masterpieces from the convenience of their own home so we rolled out an augmented reality APP and feature that. Make it possible to bring these paintings into every single room in your home that you can see the works right up close in person so this first of all the name of the APP is the name of the APP is art museum. Ar T. Museum and it's available on Ios Ios and android right now it's available on Ios. But we do have plans to make it available for android devices as well. Okay so now. Let's tell everybody how it works. I'm in my living room. I've got a blank and have your APP in. I look up. Let Mona Lisa. Are you telling me? Yeah so we pick from some of the most famous works. That are available by public domain. So you can pick the Mona Lisa. Their works like the scream by Edward among Thurs works by Van Gogh So a lot of these great masterpieces that are in the collections of the met and the getty and the museums of Paris. We've made available Right in the right in your own home. We do have plans to start creating city specific tours Based on the great museums of New York and Boston Philadelphia L. A. And Go from there so we want to make it as relevant and personal To folks at home. So would you recommend the people go home and make find blanks place on the wall or take down some art to to have this experience. But yeah absolutely. If you're if you're interested in experiencing some of these some of our world's best art in culture that is currently locked behind doors closed due to the pandemic and and so on your download the APP Pick one of your favorite work. See How it looks in your living room or your or your kitchen. And you know overall I mean artfully such an important role in society. It's here in times like this and we encourage people to you know support these organizations take a look at the art and Um and hopefully it gives them a little bit of relaxation and inspiration Is the APP free? Of course we would never charge for something like that. Were very strongly believed that art should be accessible on. There shouldn't be an economic or financial barrier to this and we've also made this component free and available to the museum community so we're been rolling it out and in talks with dozens of organizations around the country around the world about how things like. This can help them play some sort of role in connecting people beyond you know social media beyond a two dimensional image beyond a livestream remind everybody the name of the APP so the name of the APP is art museum. A are as an augmented reality. T. Museum and I'm Brendan from Kuzan

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