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Being Closed Down and Opening Back Up with Dr. Arun Garg (DHP292)


He is we cut. We call him. Do Rag call them. I'm looking at a glorious image of Jay Phillips with with a surgical cap over his giant headphones it's It's kind of like a cycling CAP. It's kind of like a motorcycle. Gang is Jason. Is that comfortable? That's what I WANNA know. Safely podcasting BIOFILM. That's getting on your head right now. I found that's in my house is probably how it's worse than the bathroom office. Of course it is. I live on. Everything is covered in horse. Lake The the office is the cleanest place. World Debbie Ironic if the air for. Kobe was actually more so now. That would be a business opportunity for me because that in spades. I'll tell you what there's not. I don't have much of anything except that. We are like literally swimming in it. It's exactly right so Jason. You are a week. Plus back into the office Virginia as as we've talked about before Virginia is allowing dentistry to move forward. Actually law states came kind of online this week. Just in case anyone's wandering Michigan didn't so there you go don't they know who you are? I now I'm telling you what you may be one of the first well-known Michigan Dentis out. There well okay probably not but you're driving. Let's just say I was. She lives with a dentist. Her husband's a dentist. Yeah I I would say your husband probably does who's a dentist also. Maybe he's a fantastic lover. And maybe maybe. I'm glad you said that. Let that man get back in here. So so so. Basically the only thing worse than the protesters in Michigan is Jason. Talking about her husband. So we're going to make the front page of one of these one of these Detroit set a bad. Is that a bad thing to be on the front page. He's an ex lover Michigan dentists now due to open in October. Twenty twenty one. Thanks thanks buddy and everybody's everybody's outrage except for the husband. Yeah that's actually thumbs up baby. Yep You know all right Jason. So tell me. Tell me about week to how dentistry in in Virginia. Since the since you opened up after Cova and it's pretty much the same as before except you just got to wear a bunch of crap going And you have to like You can't be having the same amount of people are there but otherwise same old crap. Yeah so so. They actually have specific limitations of how many people how many patients are allowed to be. The at a time is that the ideal Virginia was supposed to be limited like ten people in our room. But I mean you gotTa Home Depot. There's fifty of impact. I don't know it's all just Well being scared but funny thing I multiple gas stations. I've gone to have you know. Maximum six people in and I'm like okay but no one's actually there at the door to make you not come in. So then the question. What he did was. Oh Yeah. It's kind of my theory security security theater. That's what it is but we are. We are putting it on. Yeah well we are. We are on some level because we don't have a lot of data to go with. So are you. Finding patients are glad to be able to get back in some of them. We had a call yesterday from somebody that was Giving us a hard time we've had some patients mostly Nice but then had some people that have just been real real nasty lately. I don't know what's going on. So are they using the current situation to be like in other words are they? Are they sort of bludgeoning you with the with the current situation? How we should be you should like. Are there people saying you shouldn't be doing this or why Virginia's open so yeah not not to that extent? We had one patient. Yesterday that was at canceled. Their their appointment for the about the fifteenth time. And said they're gonNA have to prepay and they said don't you know there's a pandemic gone on that there's going to be cancellations so I don't know what the what that argument was about or how that even plays into it. But if you're sick you can't come in ABS- don't you know there's a pandemic going on so clearly I can do whatever I want. You narrow yeah. That's I'm going to start using that logic. There's a pandemic going on pretty much damage going on Governor Whitman pandemic. We'll see how that works. No I've seen. I've seen a lot of getting used to the P. Because I know you've got the you've got the obviously I mean he. He's he definitely has the surgical cap. He's got that in style. He's got that figuring out. You seem to be doing okay with the face. Shield to because I've seen lots of photos of the facial and you're able to manage that you get you get more use that. Yeah the facials kind of a pain in the ASS. It's just sometimes it's reflective and it just catches the light just wrong enough where they were like. I said bird dealing with fractions of a millimeter you. He catches it wrong out for. You're trying to like. I was doing some class. Fives today on a patient. Just I couldn't really get the light right bouncing off of it so it's just a just a pain more than you're using a kind of getting my sister. Got Your INOVA headlamp. Yeah Yeah. He's a my headlamp That's been it's been pretty handy really good. Multiple people in the nation asked about it. I made sure people have the link but we both are using a head mounted the brightest headlamp. You've ever it's like one of those things that like actual real doctors using surgeries of their frigging crazy. Good I'll put Lincoln and show notes because I mean they're they're definitely more expensive than a lot of the the the dental ones that are but I will tell you what everything else is a toy in comparison when you got that thing and you have the battery to that. We're the batteries in the back. Is that right? So it's like a counterweight Platt perfect. It's such a good good piece of equipment and it goes over your face shield. So they're a lot of good stuff. I was just watching botched on the EIB network and the the plastic surgeons or wear. That's the light I was like I like to they were. They were fixing major stuck with it now. No Botching Jason's office was just we're we're just GONNA put that out there. There will be. There is no botching never so so has here's the other question I mean. Okay so you are back to work as a dentist. Is Virginia opening up other stuff as well right like it is in other words are? Are there other things that were closed right down there? Like can person get their haircut at this point? Kanneh Person Go to the gym at this point. I think that is still June on some of that. I think that's still I personally. I don't worry about here. really hasn't occurred to me but I think that's a I think that's I have I have. They're actually saying school is going to open up two weeks early. So they're gonNA probably open up some time earlier. You guys always you. People in the south go early anyhow so wonder is going to be August. Probably I'm assuming it'll be an August so that'll that'll be strange if they knew that. I don't even WanNa think about that. God if we don't even want to think about seriously it's not it's it's wrong to murder your children. Just I WANNA put that out there. I don't know what's going to happen with my life but I'm I'm saying I'm going on record right now. It is wrong to murder your children this home. Schooling stuff is. I've had enough already. It's it's not good so I will say my kids. Spend more time on their their schoolwork now than they did when they were going to school. So that's something we're experiencing and that's one of the other reasons. I go in a couple of times a week to do emergencies in those. Those days are my favorite days because I can. I do a little less homes going there. I'm glad my wife doesn't listen the PODCAST. I don't want to hear this but yeah it's it's it's torture doing home schooling with children. So hasn't she learned to put a year she now. There's an assumption there that she cares about what's going on in your. There's something that she cares about. What what we're doing your little podcasting thing. Yeah so she doesn't care. I'm pretty safe. I think so. No No haircuts. No gyms yet in Virginia. I need a haircut my. I've got the little wispy thing in my. It's not I must have got my haircut like right before we closed the whole world close. Because I'm not as bad as my kids. My kids. My wife literally said doesn't look like one of the Beatles. Yeah not in a good way either but yeah he does. He's a kid grows hair like something else. So we're we're we're getting desperate here. I don't know how much longer I'm going to go before. I Don. I shave it myself. You gotta get the Clippers yet. They get the clipper with the Cut My my boys hair too long ago and it looks looks fantastic. You got some skill and get this man I got. I got a bunch. If they'll hold still light hurt still do that I will. I carve stuff in there. I can put like a a dental logo right in the side of his head. I'll be good. That'll be good. I'll take a picture of that. So take a sedation class. You Go. What could possibly go wrong so I wanted I wanted. I was thinking about something like I used to be the guy that was frustrated with other dentists who would push people into like getting their patients to feel like more urgency to do treatment. Like I was the guy who's kind of laid back? I was the guy who was like well. You know we'll do this when you're ready for it. And I always sort of bristled to runes idea of pushing a patient at dirge and I've come to realize that I have a totally new take on that now like so. I'm going to tell you. Is that the emergencies that I've seen forbid a different person. Now the the emergencies that I have seen in my office overwhelmingly are people that had a treatment plan previously that they hadn't done okay in in this two and a half months or whatever away has been enough in like several of these cases that it's changed the treatment plant right like these people you know just because you just because the world is experiencing virus Doesn't mean that that cavity that you diagnosed you know three or four months ago is just GonNa take care of itself until you can get to it. So Low. And behold these people had had a decent size cavity. Some of them have got public involvement. Now I mean I'm literally am literally going in and doing endo on these teeth because they've gone and maybe that was maybe I didn't diagnose it right the first time but the bottom line is like I am. I now have have a feeling like okay every time I hear someone talking about but the second wave of corona virus. I'm like when I hear that. I hear they're going to do this to us again. Like or they might. I mean it's a possibility so doesn't it kind of like like I kinda feel like I'm GonNa say okay. I see this. This is something that needs treatment and we do this now. We shouldn't put this off if we can avoid it because we've no idea what they're gonNa do to us in and like. I saw so many things that I diagnosed that. Turn into emergencies in like our access is not good. You have you experienced the same thing. Did you see that when you were doing emergencies? Only Yeah I mean. I had to zero abscesses today. Like back toback I've ever seen a period obsess and months. I mean even before even before being off for awhile. I haven't really had had that many had to today so I'm sure there's there's more out there lurking that are just kind of let go and it's it's kind of them. I mean that is wild that you'd see to those in a day. I kinda Kinda and and those are those are always sort of a there always dramatic like. That's that's the patient. That's kind of miserable so probably glad to see you. One Guy was twenty four twenty five in the middle of this kind of blew up on him and say yeah. I mean it's I I haven't seen in quite a while. Well SO I. I'm thinking when I get back to some kind of normal. I think I'm going to change the way I kinda present stuff. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA put a little fire under because the reality is we don't know like something that's something that could turn into something. Might at this point if the classic thing is Murphy's law says if you don't access that's going to happen right so it's kind of a mass even considered to Theresa Dunkin the other days I mean she mentioned about you know Losing their insurance jobs people The insurance policies are self funded and people are going to look to that. Because that's one thing they don't have to pay for anymore so I mean a lot of these people are going to have insurance right now and they're gonNa want to hurry up and get stuff done so I mean I think once we get back in there people are going to need to be ready to read teaching too..

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