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Being Closed Down and Opening Back Up with Dr. Arun Garg (DHP292)


I mean do you have a strategy where you're just GonNa let my my thought processes? I'm probably going to open up hours if if people are wanting to If people are wanting to I I think that I'm gonNA open up our something to make it easy for them to get in. And I don't think my team is going to be too frustrated with that being offer as long as we have been so Our might Fridays. I don't typically are might open the only ones things where let's get. Let's make hay while the sun shining because who knows when they're going to do this again. I can't I that's a fear based thing it's not typically my thing but man. I feel like now I feel like I wish I'd get in there and do it you know so. I don't know I mean it's it's based on numbers if they have save on this in numbers go up a significant amount but who knows If they don't have the medication for it then yeah the fleet shut us down again so yeah. I'm talking about past. We going in on Saturdays for older patients and I told my wife is like you know if somebody wants a crown or something like that right now if they want to come in on a Saturday and they're good patient than an for an hour to a crown head back home. I kind of feel like that's going to be like if I've got people who are into it. I think I don't know. I think I'm probably going to do I. I wasn't always liked that. I was the guy I wanted my time off. Well I've had a lot of time off so I'm looking. I'm looking to to make it happen. I think so. Yeah I think I think that's Gonna I'm hoping and again I don't know. I suspect that I will bless all over the deel hacks nation. I know anything more about Michigan by thinks. It'd be well I honestly there's A. There's a thread in one of their from Michigan people. And there's people that I think it's going to be September and I'm like you know what how many Hani dentist don't make it September like a lot. That's like six months man that's crazy. I don't know I mean I think the chances even with with a month or two I mean I think ninety five percent of dental offices are not prepared for more than a than a month And I think it's just kind of being propped up right now some of the P- P and all that other stuff but I think when it actually comes down to it and things start coming do that's it's GonNa be hard to tell you when I it's a lot of a lot of people put on a brave front or they put they. They say they're doing a lot better than they are. And Talk to the reps and stuff like that. It's like these people are paying stuff on reading cards. Living off credit cards in the month they are not at Success. Wasn't got wiped out. I mean when you think about that. It's you can only hold. You can only hold that for so long. I mean like the loan deferrals are only GonNa be for so long I like I. I got loan. Deferrals was grateful for that. That's really helped a lot but I'm thinking to myself man. They wouldn't. They're not going to do that forever. That's that's tough man. That's that's so we've got that to potentially look forward to but I do feel like there's a certain amount of she can't do too much like that if there's a bunch of states around us that opened up to dentistry there's not a wild like viral spreading Ohio and Indiana and all these like in Virginia like if people aren't if they're not tracing back to dental offices. It seems Kinda hard for her to continue to do that. But whatever I only WanNa talk about anymore because it makes so there you have it so jason you and I got a chance to talk to Dr Garg. Last weekend it was really it was really good. Talk in. Everyone knows Dr Guard from implant seminars. He sort of. He's one of the premier implant educators in the United States but we. We didn't talk about that at all. Actually the thing that people might not know about him is. He's also a multiple practice owner. He owns like six practices to in the Dominican Republic Zone or a couple of Arizona Bunch in Florida and I think the really refreshing thing was how open he was about the fact that this is affecting him in the same way. It's affecting the rest of us like he's he's having to put together. He had to decide when to close his office. He had to decide how he's GonNa put open office. Backup and everything like that. So that was really cool. This is that's what our interview is today. what did you think of? What do think Dr Garg? I thought he was really good. Those really interested in you know I've had some friends that are specialists the on the have multiple offices that have reached out to me. And you know some of them are really say a man I. I don't know if this is. This model is worth it at or So it's I know it's hitting some of the big guys pretty hard to I can. I can definitely imagine there's different types of different types of struggles in a in a small mom and pop up. Yeah so a lot of moving parts you know. He's he also literally runs classes courses all over the country like in there pretty much stopped dead too. So it's like you know he's I mean. I think that I think he's going to do fine. I think he's well known enough and I. We didn't really talk much about it with him. But it's like part of how much of that is going to have to go online at least for a little while just because people won't be traveling I don't even know it's it's it's interesting to think about. What the continuing education like angle on all this is going to end up being. I don't know I Kinda WanNA think about it. Maybe once you start doing podcast. And that's what they'll do. They shed retired as well. It will hand the mantle over them so okay we got a good interview with Dr Garg. We think you should listen to it. And.

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