Bubba Wallace, Baseball And Paul Finebaum discussed on The Dan Patrick Show


Then you're not talking and it's Kinda like baseball than just kind of. In the corners? Can we get to a contract? For two years waiting for that to happen. Talking to Paul Finebaum in the mothership. If you ran Oklahoma state, Seth leading program. What would you do? Out of a really well known for one thing, and he became a memorable speech. I'm forty now man. He's fifty now, and he's a buffoon broadcasting from the Mercedes man cave. This is Dan Patrick got a great weekend, everybody. It's our to on this Monday and the Danettes Dan Patrick Show talked Adam Sandler coming up next hour thirty years ago today he started at Saturday night. Live Nick right from Fox sports will join US coming up on. Ask him how optimistic he is that his friend Colin. Kaepernick will get a job in the NFL. We spent a little bit of time in the first hour. We talked about zero progress. Progress with Major League, baseball and the point that I'm making with major baseball, and some of these other sports, we start talking about the monetary aspect of this certainly with baseball, it's back and forth with the players with the owners. I don't even know if they're going to be able to pull this off. Given you had players testing positive down in Florida, they went down for spring training to get ready for the season. And then you had you know. I don't know how many players test positive I just don't know. They can pull this off that that hasn't even been brought up. It's all about the money that the owners are gonNA lose and the players WanNa make. I? If. They're going to be able to do this to keep everybody safe college football, you know. Maybe the philosophy is hey, let all test positive. Get it out of the way, and then we can resume our season because I don't understand the philosophy moving forward with this, we can look at eighteen or nineteen year old sale. He's going to be healthy. What if the head coach gets it? Then? It's different, but we talked to the commissioner of the FCC Greg Sankey about that and he's got a lot of options. What kind of plans you're going to have in place if they're not able to start on time or maybe only have conference games, but man. This is still a work in progress. Even the NBA they had what four thousand positive tests in Florida and I know. That may not sound like a lot, but I don't know if the NBA Poff this as well I just. Bought this a juggling, high wire no net. We. Did talk about the. Incident at Talladega Bubba Wallace. One of the members of his racing crew found a noose in the garage stall. The race was A. Postponed yesterday they're going to raise today at least weather permitting at three o'clock and I just didn't know the safeguards that they had security cameras. How many people because Cova? You don't have many people who were there. Able to walk by, you can see the cars, but these cars are next to each other. The the proximity is there really close and I said to Paulie? We should get somebody on. Who knows Talladega just so we can give the fans a sense. Of exactly what what's going on, I can't imagine what Bubba. Wallace's thinking today. He's going to go out and race. He didn't see the news. From what Marty Smith of ESPN was reporting, but a members team did but all the progress that you think you've made, and then this happens, and he's kind of get an damn car. And and my rooting for him. Dave Moody was the guy that Paulie suggested we talked to..

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