Prince George’s jail has improved testing, conditions to protect inmates from covid-19, judge finds


Morning a federal judge has blasted the prince George's county jail for recklessly disregarding coronavirus safety she issued an order conditions had to improve one month later she says this morning the jails making the right move the jail acted quickly to train up its medical staffers hire more nurses and improve testing U. S. District Court judge Paul as in this suggests there's still work to be done but the strides are notable and significant The Washington Post reports as of late last week seven hundred fifteen inmates and four hundred forty eight workers were tested for the virus twenty six of the inmates and two workers were positive but lawyers who filed a federal class action suit say there are still problems they pointed to a sixty year old with heart failure and lung disease who was asked to clean isolation cells were infected inmates were quarantined the county corrections director says they've done everything as quickly as possible now the judge hopes both sides will work together to keep things moving in the right

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