Orlando Is Reopening. Persuading Tourists to Come Back Is Harder.


Orlando is re opening and they want to get you know Disney world open all these places but the theme park actually is not among those things that is going to be opening they count a lot Orlando does on tourist dollars yeah and so the economy of Orlando has really been pummeled waiters maids bellhops they all relate rely on a seventy five million visitors a year seventy five billion dollars in revenue while and the tourists are gone and I don't know when the tourists are coming back because well don't take my word for the director of sales and marketing for the Florida hotel and conference center so the business is losing up to a million dollars a month no more than thirty five of its five hundred eleven rooms have been occupied on a given day while you know this is the conference center talking about I've been through nine eleven she says I've been through the recession and await and this is definitely the worst I've seen nothing will change for us until the parks are open the Disney universal and SeaWorld theme parks haven't said when they'll reopen they could be among the last businesses in the state to open because it's so hard to social distance and clean at those theme parks I think Disney is using its Shanghai park as kind of Guinea pig

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