AWTR Show #743: Summer Bucket List: COVID-19 Edition


I'd say I'm coming at you from Fort Bragg North Carolina. It's a toasty ninety degrees. I was actually going to do it outside, but with the sunlight beating down on us is like now inside because. It's too hot. It's not ready. It's already hot I'm not complaining I. Wait All year for summer. So I'm happy that summer's here. In fact, that's our topic today. We're GONNA be talking about summer. But honestly before I free bit like, begin just in light of the world around us. May topic kind of seems frivolous today in so I want just acknowledged that here tomorrow. I think army, wife, network, owner, and commander Sri to know block will be sharing her heart, and truly the hearts of US on the command team at Army Wife Network. Here I don't want you to miss that but I also don't want to just miss the. Point that there's a lot going on in our world and I want to recognize that that before I just go pushing forward with my topic that there's a lot happening and that we really stand with people of Color, and we see you, and this is so heavy and so heartbreaking and. I don't have the right words for it and so I just want to acknowledge that before I get started. Okay, so let me take a step back. I had a moment of panic. You're disappointments or fear anxiety stress I. Don't know a whole host of emotions. A couple of weeks ago in fact, it was three weeks ago, my son was on a little call with his third grade family and his little classroom and his teacher said well. That's IT students. After the next couple of days were I won't be sending out any assignment and my stomach. Dropped out like. We have three more weeks. I'm not ready for. This and so here we are summer in here it whether we like it or not entirely this week. It would have been here anyway. and just this year normally I look forward to summer so much our son, I'm lucky that I work part time from home, and so I kind of able to adjust my schedule most of the summer, so that way we can fit in some fun things and Sri that. Thank you in fact. Treated said she just shared the statement, so please see that Thanks for for correcting the initial. In catching me on that. So I. Okay so normally. I'm so fortunate. We're so lucky that we explore museums. Go to parks, and we can build it in around my schedule, which is so lucky, but this summer already we've I feel like we've been in summer already because we've just been at home for weeks and weeks and weeks now like all of you. And we. I like. What are we going to do this year? So I also have so. There's that that component of it, but there's also like this fact that I've been kind of morning. Our summer plans that have already been canceled are up in the air in comparison less. We hosted family and friends at our house from mid May. Through, the about mid August, almost to the end of August every single week with the exception of two weeks last summer. We had someone here at our house every single week the whole summer. Those two weeks that we didn't have someone I was actually visiting our family in Wisconsin. So so it's like I'm so bad because last year we had such a great summer to look forward to another summer. I'm feeling kind of like. Hey, you know it's summer cancel. That feels like it's canceled. If I had to guess I would guess that maybe I'm not the only one who feels this way. I'm imagining some of you also feel this way, and so let's first degree summer is not canceled. It's different shirt, but we can make the most the summer while maintaining social distancing. And, maybe getting together with fewer people, maybe more often whether you know spending time with your spouse and having some additional quality time with your spouse and your children or some of your best friends. So I wanted to step back and remind you that I am just a military spouse in a mom and a wife and I'm not an expert in cove.

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