I don't know who's gonna push him. Who's behind them?


To 1. He's a young player in the Boston right success, assuming the Red Sox Are competing this year. Raphael Devers is 19. No one and he can actually smoke the ball. He's had two good years of the Red Sox. I think, yeah, you'd ask twice in the 32 1 Yeah. I like you know what? Because you read odds like you look at odds more than the individual player O R. I like a cornea on MVP of the league, but that that's an interesting pic. Playing in a ballpark that shooting for him. I real quickly before we go, Mike the Cubs +105 to make the playoffs, the stocks plus 1 25 You weak like either one of those those two I'll take. I'll take the cups. I think the socks fall short, okay, and one more. Philly's 2 to 1 to make the playoffs Now. Last year, there were a big disappointment. Bryce Harper did not have

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