President Donald Trump commutes Roger Stone's prison sentence in Russia probe


Sentence commuted. President Trump has commuted the sentence of his longtime friend and political confident Roger Stone. He says You should understand that a pardon would be fun would be final on that in accepting a pardon. You are exceptionally accepting guilt. And I would rather see you fight this out. Which is why I'm commuting your sentence in Washington are Bob Constantini reports, the White House argued that Stone's conviction was part of what they called a Russia hoax. Stone was convicted of lying about his workers a go between for the Trump campaign to Wikileaks in 2016 But he was also found guilty of witness tampering for telling an associate to pull of Frank Pentangelo. It's a reference to a godfather to movie character who suddenly can't testify against his boss. Any congressional hearing. Stone recently has claimed it would be dangerous for him to be in prison being susceptible to Corona virus. Stone was supposed to report to prison next Tuesday.

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