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On the road fund. So the consensus forecasting group that's a group that comes in that gives us an estimate. We've got to adjust our budgets because of it. It's the expert group that is within statute that we have to use. Predicted a road fund shortfall of $161.8 million for the size of the road fund at a significant and it is severe. But today we're happy to report the actual shortfall is $100 million less folks. That's really good news. We're going to be able to take what's what $60 million that's left there and we've been able to cut it internally by steps we've taken and cares Act funding by another 42 $1,000,000. So what does that mean? First it means counties. Counties were expecting to lose a very large amount of money because there are shared dollars that worked. That number is now much smaller thinking went from about 30 something 37 million down to about a That's more money for our county projects. But what else it means is we're going more people employed. Working out there because we have more dollars than expected flowing into our projects. We're gonna be able to restart paving projects that have been backlogged where you desperately needed. It's for public safety and we're going to move forward. We just did here in July with the first what we call letting Dollars going out to road projects that we've had in three months. That is really exciting news. It means you're going to see more construction out there on the roadway, but that's going to keep them safer. And it is going Tio expand economic opportunity here and the Commonwealth. This's really good news when our budget does $100 million better. Then 100 and $61 million deficit. We're waiting on the General

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