Marcela Lobos | Healing with the Medicine Wheel


In all spiritual and meditation traditions maps provided for seekers for the journey, irs who are moving across the landscape of their soul. These maps can be found in secret texts, holy images, prayers and poems from saints, and Yogis who have traversed the rocky train of spiritual people and transformation. The maps point us in the direction of our own spiritual truths for tumors bathed in clarity, strength and empathy. I'm Matteo donal hosted they. Hey, how's meditations? PODCAST and I'm happy to welcome on today's show Marcel Lobos to discuss one of these ancient maps procedures like you and me and that map is the medicine wheel? Marcel has been initiated in the healing and spiritual traditions of the Amazon and the Andes. For many decades I spoke to her while I was visiting her retreat center in the mountains of Chile just before the pandemic his around the world. Martinez senior teacher, the four win society, and is married to its founder Dr L. Deauville do. On today, show Marcella speaks about her own healing journey, and how she's applied the ancient methods of healing found in the medicine wheel. She then takes us on a journey in the podcast around the four directions of the medicine wheel where we talk about the healing archetypes that we work with including the serpent, Jaguar hummingbird and condor. The result of the journey through the medicine wheel is to emerge a luminous warrior with clear discernment, an unbound energy to be of service to others. Let's get right to my conversation with Marcella. So. It's great to welcome Marcella logos onto the house meditation podcast today we're recording down here. In the amazing sort of Sacred Valley of in Los Lobos in Chile so welcome on the PODCAST Marcella tank, Kim materials and honor to be with you, and to be with all our listeners on very excited to share anything that can be of help. Today I have a feeling. It's going to be a good journey. Loved tourneys. Before. We Speak About meditation practice and your meditation practice in about this. Your unique as I understand it contemporary practice that derives out of Shamanism I just wanted to ask you about how your spiritual practice started in your life. I feel it started with being raised by parents that gave me a lot of space to daydream. My House My parents were atheist. So, nothing was imposed to me. Though I grew up in a Catholic Very Catholic county went to Catholic school, but my parents really understood my inner freedom, and they let me not go to. My religious classes day they gave me they spoke with the teachers and say they. Want to do it. They led me to really explore my own. Spirituality my own connection to nature to dreams, because since I was a little girl, had a lot of vivid, dreaming on my parents recognized that today they were really free spirited in that way, and I think that's foundation, and it was here that you grew up in Chile yes. I grew up in China and funny enough I did explore a lot of religious settings because. I didn't go to religious class I. Dig grew up among Catholics season so I ended up learning. Then my aunt, one of my aunts was one of the heads of the witnesses of Jehovah. Jehovah witnesses. Okay, thank you and so I learn a lot of The Bible stories with her. Though whenever I went to my grandmother, she would say no. No, my darling, she says telling you stories that. That people believe but really what happened the UFO's game and gave the tablets to Moses and everything. My. Grandma everything she. That her little sister. Explain to me from the Bible. My grandmother would turn it into a UFO story. And why was that with the UFO story? Sorry, because my grandma was said to rebel on her husband was a doctor and she wouldn't go to. Hospital or medical setting, she only took homeopathy. My best friend was Mormon. Say went to more among tour too many times. You haven't many different kinds of influences. Was More to be outside and if you will communing with nature, yeah, I, I had an early. On. Drive to to just lay on the grass and count the pedals of the grass, and trying to find for for lack and just spend a lot of time with not be known to tame, and whatsoever saw I learned to be with myself. And people nowadays feel like they have to entertain their children non stop and they they cannot stand seeing their kids who, in nothing by my mother also led me to be, and and wouldn't finance attention, so I got bored a lot of many times and I would think even depressed. Point. But that helped me. Be With myself a nobody rescue with nobody rescuing me.

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