071320 Part 2 - burst 10

Ace and TJ


Don't know, but it is interesting, but regardless wells I I i. don't want my guy. That's running my life. Insurance or home loan to be on Dr Day first of all I'm not I'm not that upset about it and so maybe that's a good idea I wonder how many people working for Wells Fargo? TIKTOK videos? Yeah I know they complain of course. Talk! Yeah I don't know. Go to work like step tiktok talking at work. Seem that crazy to me, but we'll see of wells. Fargo sticks to its guns and the Washington. Redskins are expected to formally announced today that they will be changing the name. We're not GONNA have a new name today, but they're going to formally announce that they will be getting a new name so. Four? Right. Yeah, so we'll see how this all turns out I'm sure it's going to be a mess What do you need to do in the privacies change the first part of. Right gotten to keep the last YEP YEP definitely. What do you need some privacy while you when you look at your current bathroom? Do you know that it needs an immediate update? We want you to know about one day bath shower remodeling with prices as low as one hundred ninety nine dollars per month, call, eight, hundred, nine, four, eight, five, seven, four, nine, eight, hundred, nine, four, eight, five, seven, four, nine,

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