China warns UK 'interfering' in Hong Kong affairs will 'backfire'


China has told Britain to stop all interference in Hong Kong's affairs immediately earlier the British prime minister warned Beijing that if it imposed new security laws on Hong Kong London would have no choice but to offer millions of people in the former colony ridge to British citizenship the new legislation would make it a crime to undermine Beijing's authority Celia Hatton explains many people don't like the idea of the national security law because it's being imposed on the people of Hong Kong and that violates the principle that Hong Kong has its own political and legal systems outside of course says that the law is necessary for national security it says it's only going to target a handful of people in Hong Kong who are guilty of terrorism and subversion but if you look at the mirror law that's currently in place in mainland China it's very vague it's been used to target many of the communist government's political opponents and it's already becoming evident that the new law will allow people who are arrested in Hong Kong to be tried in courts outside of the current Hong Kong court system

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