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16 PA counties move to the green phase, Philadelphia and surrounding counties to move to yellow June 5th


The Nokia and its surrounding counties in southeastern PA will move from red to yellow next Friday the confirmation of the move comes as governor wolf is also transitioning sixteen Pennsylvania counties in the west from yellow to green the latest from KYW suburban bureau chief Jim Miller governor wolf says a some restrictions are lifted in certain activities resume is urging people to continue to follow guidelines like social distancing and wearing masks one of these precautions is wearing masks some reason I don't know why and wearing masks has become politicized even though scientific studies have shown that it actually reduces the likelihood of spreading covert nineteen while some benchmarks the state said when they announced the color coded restrictions haven't been Matt Levine says they're looking at all day at like increased testing in contact tracing capabilities and modeling and they're confident lifting restrictions as safe as long she adds as people plan ahead and are safe in just like before just like you remember your keys in your cell phone before you go out at a mask and hand sanitizer to

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