Thor: The Dark World | A Marvel Cinematic Universe Rewatch



He must be truly desperate to come to me. When we start. The world outside your window is well. Do I need to say it, but everything on poster recaps super it is everything super on potion recaps. It's marvel cinematic universe. re-watch here on post. Show recaps this week talking about the Orion dark world. War The dark world with Kevin Mateo Kevin. Dark world as if it if it didn't need any further help hurting its reputation, making its its its presence as one of the lower tier marvel movies known it. Add to be this week that it's. Stupid fricken phase in the darkest whirl of our own world, we look at the dark world, and maybe I was influenced by what's happening around me, but boy am I ready to rage. Kevin's Mad Kevin and I have been talking off Kevin's about about a lot of stuff many of us many of us are. Certainly we are. We are hopeful that. If you're listening to this podcast that means your seeking refuge a portent, the storm as it were as things are are what they are right now, which is to say bad. and. Obviously Kevin and I have a lot of thoughts on those matters. Kevin. If there's anything you want to say I've been tweeting I've been I've been making my feelings on everything known. I know we WANNA we. WanNa mostly talk about marvel here, but we cannot not acknowledge that things are things are not good. Things are not great. Yes, things are really bad. I mean I don't want to delve too much into it I mean like you and I both are leading lot, and and we've had a lot of offline line answer. Dancers light word for it. Yeah I I've I. You know I. It's difficult to say in public forums because of repercussions, but I've been to things that are happening. Regarding this but like yeah, it's it's. It's intense I. have a lot of emotions and anger and rage about it obviously I think even my anger and rage shouldn't even equal the anger rage of specifically. Black people who are experiencing this I can as I said before I, I can empathize and I can relate to certain degree, but I could never really fully fully get there and I think that's important, also for people like me. South Asians East Asians. West Indian Caribbean I think it's also important that we stand by. You know we be allies, but also acknowledged that. It is a little bit different for us and also something important. That's that's just a side note like. A lot of us come from cultures to that you know are are have have racist roots in them like you know. Our Cultures Treat black people while either and we need to also acknowledge that I think that's important so reflect on that I think US on the nausea had a great speech that he just released so I encourage you know people have my descent end..

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