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Los Angeles Coronavirus Update: County Restaurants, Salons, Barbershops Allowed To Reopen


Now beginning the account he briefing on corona virus for that we take you live now to Los Angeles county supervisor Kathryn Barger allowing barber shops hair salons and restaurants to re open this further brings our communities together and resumes to resume a sense of normalcy representing a monumental progress for Los Angeles county on the path toward recovery I am grateful to our state and local partners for their collaboration in helping us transition to be safer at work and saper in our communities additionally on Tuesday the department of public health announced it was aligning the health orders with the states which enabled us to re open in person shopping all retail businesses can allow customers inside a shop at fifty percent capacity with safety guidelines in place this is a significant step toward revitalizing our economy particularly supporting our local businesses who often rely on foot traffic and drive because of in store shopping drive in theaters flea markets and swap meets can reopen as well as H. away an apartment pools additionally we open places of worship at twenty five percent capacity with a maximum of one hundred attendees this is a meaningful way to reunite our communities of faith by restoring hope and providing a sense of unity and getting back to normal which safely is our top priority we are eager to bolster more businesses and reunify our community as we work towards these goals the county the county's economic resiliency task force has gone and gone above and beyond and done an incredible job to serve the industry's most in need of support there are thirteen sector leaders providing pro bono to develop plans to open many diverse sectors that are vital to the county's economy this upcoming Tuesday four or thirteen task force representatives will deliver their roadmaps to safely re opens some key sectors including restaurants sports venues theme parks corporate businesses and manufacturing and film and digital media thanks to our industry leaders from these four sectors for their incredible work Jeff shell of NBC universal Casey Wasserman of the LA Olympic organizing committee Rick Nieman of Ernest and young and Jerry Greenberg of sugar fish restaurants their report their reports are made with input from industry representatives labor and the department of public health to ensure industries can hit the ground running with proper public health guidelines and I emphasize with proper public health guidelines as soon as the state gives approval to reopen these plans provide guidance for immediate re opening and a framework for the return to the new normal specifically Mister Jerry Greenberg has been working hard and working hand in hand with public health teams to identify a three safety guidelines for restaurants we are proud that members of the food industry and public health experts have all had to buy in these guidelines will be published later today will include best practices for spacing between patrons using barriers optimizing capacity and other recommendations that ensure restaurants can open safely and quickly finally as industries reopened and residents returned to their workplaces we must stress the importance of care and development of our children this week the Los Angeles county office of education released their planning framework for the school year these guidelines from superintendent Dr Deborah retardant Dourado will ensure safe learning for students and teachers across the eighty diverse school districts throughout the county these include sape distancing in classrooms and hallways we quit cleaning and disinfecting and continually wearing face masks our goal is to identify safe ways to return to the classroom in the fall the current framework offers three options for learning base to base with fewer students per classroom continued distance learning or a hybrid of the two in our schools LA county will ensure continued services for students in need including food programs and mental health care as we discussed plans for the next school year we cannot forget about the immediate needs of parents who are returning to work who rely on summer camps non profits and other public school programs for child care during the summer the county is collaborating with our partners to ensure safe in person youth programs are available in every area of Los Angeles county businesses workplaces schools and recreational areas we are committed to ensuring the health and the well being of our residents each person's dedication to their neighborhoods well we were we were safer at home will make us safer at work and yes safer in our communities

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