The Data Behind Police Violence - burst 11


Might be sympathetic to the idea of peaceful protests sympathetic to the idea that George Floyd died in a way that was in humane and unjust, but also they might say but I don't approve of Ludik, why are you burning these churches? And I saw out of DC reporters talking about this church burning last night in DC now, people on the left would say who cares. It's a church building. People are dying, but on the other hand. You see a lot of Americans who say well. We can't condone looting and I think Biden. In his statements and you saw it with Obama statements, those democratic politicians have to walk this nuanced line of understanding the motivations in the anger on the left, but also not wanting to seem too far out there not to exceed the line that they are yes. Supporters of the ANTIFA position, so it just kind of sticky wicket. That is both. Locally Issues wise complicated for Democrats because policing because of all that stuff, but also nationally because of this narrative about the radical left right and violence in America. In Yeah I think that's a really great description of those conflicts on the flipside neat. Would you say that this is something that Unites Republicans and maybe what I'm getting at here is there's an academic study that was done based off of elections

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