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The Aerion AS2 Supersonic Bizjet


I came across the story in the news In the last couple of days let's this is dated April seventeen a month ago but that this is the area on all right. The the area on. Which is the in development supersonic business jet that the to write the story about that. Yeah and so. I don't know exactly what the news is here. I think they've kind of reached a milestone. Or something's going. The main reason I flagged this story is that the thing I find interesting about the area on project is that we talked about the area on project in episode episode number. Five all right. I mean it's like that long that this project has Jack Jack Yeah. Rome wasn't built in a day. I guess not all right you know but my other my other question about this they call. They're calling it the. As to now he's happy what happened to the one. That was the initial design that was Produced toward the jet back. Oh Jeannie fifteen years ago that sounds about right since we talked about in about fifteen years ago and since then they rethought the The size the seating in the engine configuration and incorporated those changes into the design. Joey went from. As Arianne supersonic one to Iran supersonic to it's going to be a three engine jet about one hundred and twenty million and they're still taking the same approach that I think could make this. A winner of the airfoil is a natural lamour flow designed by a gentleman named traits Dr Tracy I met him. I N B Aa. They came to and the airfoil design that fuselage design. It's supports supersonic about one point. Six mock with really decent fuel efficiency but also supports point.

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