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Hurricane Season Collides With Coronavirus, As Communities Plan For Dual Emergencies


Hurricane Orlando. season starts today June first. You are allowed to take a moment after hearing that. I depend then waves of protests now. Hurricane season forecasters expect above average activity in part because climate change is making the Atlantic Ocean warmer. Amy Green of Wfan. Orlando has been asking. How do you plan for hurricanes during a pandemic Robin? Roku Bauer doesn't like to chance it when there's a hurricane. She almost always. Always evacuates roku bow our lives in Cocoa Beach Florida on a barrier island between the Atlantic Ocean and Indian River Lagoon. Her mother is ninety three. She's gotTa have flushing toilets. She's gotTa have fresh water. She's just got some physical needs that require that, but this year Roco Bauer is thinking hard about her hurricane plan. She sixty five like her mother considered at higher risk to the corona virus. Virus if I have to go any further, or if I have to go somewhere, then you're going to be exposed to more people in different environments, and you don't know where those people have been he in Florida, a record, six and a half. Million people evacuated for Hurricane Irma in two thousand seventeen this year. That will be a harder decision. Craig fugate used to head the federal emergency management. Management Agency and it's Florida counterpart. He fears some people won't evacuate because they'll fear exposing themselves to the virus that may result and more people saying behind in increasing the risk of loss of life, but there's another risk sheltering evacuees together in school, gymnasiums and other enclosed spaces as Florida. Governor Rhonda Santa's points out pile people into a place under normal circumstances. That may be fine, but that would. Allow the virus to really spread if somebody is in fact infected. That's why his administration is considering. Stay at home. Orders in were houses are newer and Sturdier or sheltering evacuees and hotels and motels. The economic collapse has left vacant. Most at risk are nursing home patients. Many low-lying facilities have evacuation agreements with facilities on higher ground, but kristen nap of the Florida healthcare. Association says this year. Nursing homes will have to reexamine these. These arrangements if you are a facility that event, an evacuation zone and you have positive cases in your building, you may not be able to go to the typical facility that you would evacuate to if they don't have positive cases in their building, Florida leaders also are socking away protective ear, four shelter and utility workers, and they're making sure stores have plenty of food and water, so people can stock up before a storm. Storm in central Florida before Irma hit utility crews converged from across the country to help restore electricity this year. Linda, Veroni of the Orlando Utilities Commission anticipates longer outages than usual. That's because cove in nineteen makes it harder to house and feed these workers while preventing the viruses spread, it will take longer to check them all in. It will take a little longer to get the mall to the point that they can be out. Out in the field working, robin broke our of Coco Beach considered not evacuating, but feels she would have to because of her mother already. She's checking with hotel, so she can be ready for a hurricane. I hope we don't have any I. Mean we've been through a lot this year. Meteorologists are predicting up to ten hurricanes and up to six major ones between now and December

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