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Back to Work with Memorie Valentine RDH (DHS26)


Dental hats shorts. Dental X nation, welcome back to another episode of the dental shorts this is. I'm very excited for this guests. This is. She's one of my favorite guests. He's one of my good good friends, and she's probably my favorite hygienist. Ever I'm not GONNA say that I'm not gonNA. Don't hopefully, my hygienist Shannon is not listening because she's pretty great, too. But. I think memory is my favorite hygienist memory. Valentine welcome back this show. How are you doing? So much for having me back. You're vest now. You are the best and frankly okay, so you're episode. From last time got a lot of attention. People loved it. And you and I have talked a lot during well. Okay, let's just preface this here. Episode was before the world ended. And it's the hard time. Exactly so now now time has restarted, so we had to do another episode with you obviously actors. Exactly so time. I know and so that's what he wanted talk. Memory is a hygienist. She's in the Denver area. and. She's been actually back to work for how this coming Monday. It'll be your third week. Right or forty Puckett Oh. Wow, okay, so you've been back for A. Yep. I'm in Michigan and technically our first day official day back to normal was yesterday which to Friday, so my first day back at the office will be Monday. With hygiene and stuff, so I wanted to talk to someone who's actually been doing it for a little while. Just kind of about how the chains are going, and how everything feels in in in some of the. Most interested in what patients are acting like, but I guess let's just cut right. How has it been since you since you got back? First and foremost. I'm so happy to be back. This is where we belong. We belong treating patients and doing what we were trained to do. So I'm so happy that the government has allowed us to actually flex our dental muscles a little bit. It's been awesome. We've implemented some new protocols like questionnaires before patients come in where taking the temperatures there waiting in vehicles, we are limiting how many people are waiting room at a time guests patients are waiting. For people who are in treatment anymore in the waiting room. They're just waiting in their cars, so we're just limiting bodies exposure and we're doing what we can't keep things clean, and of course we're already doing what we do on. Top of the dentistry were wearing extra pb, so yeah, so you okay, so the the and these are the changes that most people are kind of talking about what if the patient's A. has any of the change particularly like the questionnaires in the taking.

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