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Rapper Killer Mike urges calm amid violence in Atlanta


Today we want to share a speech that will not happy or full of good vibes it does contain important messages it comes from rapper and activist killer Mike Mike render is forty five it has been a long time advocate for his community he's run for local office it is a small business owner in Georgia and of course a recording artist having made five solo albums under the name killer Mike kill my joined Atlanta's mayor and police chief to address the violence that erupted around the protests there over the weekend he served up some wisdom and a call to action take a listen I didn't want to come and I don't want to be here I'm the son of an Atlantic city police officer well my cousin when I see the police officer and mother because he's point please house and I got a lot of love and respect for police officers down to the original eight police offices in Atlanta that even after becoming police had to dress in a YMCA because why the offices didn't want to get dressed with and here we are eight years later I watched a white officer assassinate a black man and have no effect for your heart out and I know it's crippling and I have nothing positive to say Hey moment because I don't want to be here but I'm responsible to be here because wasn't as Dr king and people dressed nicely who marched in protest it to progress this CD and so many other cities it was people like my grandmother people like my aunts and uncles were members SCLC in a double ACP and in particular revenue change orange Mrs Alice Johnson in reference love who just lost last year so I'm duty bound to be here to simply say that it is your duty not to burn your own house panel for anger within him it is your duty to fortify your own house so that you may be a house of refuge in times of organization and now is the time to plot I am strategize organize and mobilize it is time to beat up prosecutors you don't like it the voting booth it is time to hold me oriel offices accountable chiefs and deputy chiefs event is not perfect but we a lot better than we ever were and with a lot better than cities are may as hail I woke up wanting to see the world burned down yes it takes tiger see black beam back he casually put his knee on a human beings neck for nine minutes as he died like a zebra in the clutch of a lion's jaw and we watch it like murder porn over and over again so that's why children the burned to the ground they don't know what else to do and it is responsibility of us to make this better right now we don't want to see one officer charge we want to see what office is prosecuting incentives we don't want to see targets Barney we want to see the system gets synced up with systemic racism barked to the ground and as I see it here in Georgia Thomas Stevens George a former vice president of the confederacy white man see it that long fundamental law stated that whites were naturally disappear you're right in the confederacy was built on a cornerstone of the cornerstone speech looking up the cornerstone speech that blacks will always be so bored that officer believe that speech because he killed that ma'am I can M. in this city offices have done horrendous things and they have been prosecuted the city's cut different in this city you can find over fifty restaurants all about black women I don't say minority and I don't say women of color so after you burn down your own home what do you have left but char and ash see any to get a great thing I love CNN I love Cartoon Network but I'd like to say to CNN right now karma's a mother stop feeding fear and anger every day stop making people feel so fearful give them hope I'm glad they only took down the side of the face the building in a not killing human beings like that policemen the I'm glad that they always destroys a brick in marketing they didn't rip a father from the sun they didn't rip off of someone from a mother like the policemen the when a man yells to his mother interesting paint and she stayed he's essentially yelling please god don't let it happen to me and we watched it so my question for us on the other side of this camera is that the barns what would be left with chart with the rise like a Phoenix out of the ashes that Atlanta has always done we use this at the moment to say that we will not do what other cities have done and in fact we will get better than we've been we got good enough to destroy a cash bonus you don't have to worry about going to jail because I paid we got smart enough to decriminalize marijuana how smart we will be in the next fifteen to twenty years to keep us ahead of this car so that much like with South Africa suffered a part that you had and you know the politicians that could make sure that it let us see a coca Cola we love you but if you don't pull out of South Africa with only we're not gonna drink coca Cola anymore coca Cola truck on a sack in apartheid so we have an opportunity there because I'm not I don't have any good vice but what I can tell you is that if you sit in your homes tonight instead of your home to the ground you will have time to properly plaque plane strategizing organize and mobilize an effective way in two of the most effective ways first take your **** to the computer make sure you fill out the census so that people know who you are and where you are the next thing is making sure you excellent exercise are political body power and going to local elections and beating up the politicians that you don't like you got a prosecutor central part of the jail you know was booked into prosecutor it now now through election to do you want a different senators more progressive that post marijuana through now is the time to do that but it is not time to burn down

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