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Violent Night of Looting in New York City Despite Curfew


Much happened in the past twenty four hours peaceful protests during the day the return of looting and violence at night we asked my colleague Matt Rosenberg to give us a recap the night started off as the previous four before it this March has been peaceful there's not been any looting or fires or anything like that our Steve burns started in Times Square made his way to Chelsea and back toward trump tower and then the sun went down and the looting began I talked with one woman who was in the area since said that she described it as looking like two thousand people just making their way through here the ransacking anything and everything they could get carried on from Union Square through mid town all night long even after the eleven PM curfew at places like Macy's in Herald square looters leaving destruction in their wake garbage on fire in the streets of Lazio said on Twitter that some people tonight had nothing to do with the cause and stole and damaged instead that we won't allow but it was not all violent it's it's not talk about that from a Snapchat video showing a very large crowd in front of the seventy seventh precinct in Brooklyn but a peaceful crowd with officers watching mac Rosenberg WCBS newsradio eight eighty

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