As Los Angeles protests turn violent, Mayor Eric Garcetti calls in the National Guard


There is a state of emergency in Los Angeles in a thousand National Guard troops on their way to Los Angeles city and county over a hundred arrests been made as a riding and looting seems to be tailing off Sheffield a waiver saying those national guards on the yard and they will be used to patrol the streets and shut down areas where they're needed and for those that came here just for the thrill of creating problems of vandalizing it's not going to work and everyone here is an Angelino are county residents recognize that there's people within your ranks protests and they're not there to protest he also said of the five hundred thirty three arrested the previous night all but eighteen were set free this all started with a peaceful demonstration a pan Pacific park which grew to about twenty thousand that crowd moved out and down into the Fairfax district police tried to hold the line for the demonstration got out of hand and suddenly police cruisers were targeted and about a dozen were set on fire chief Michael Moore told can exit the scene he hates to see officers using force where have resorted packing up control our resort in fact because of a rash of course and I'm like we're doing everything we can to each day and each approach they're trying to start at the lowest level the second greatest the escalation explain why we're here try to hear and knowledge the first then the looting started at the Grove and going on from there and a large expensive store sacked and looted by people wearing masks and hoodies and those masks were not for social distancing the mayor and had enough about the governor's well to bring five hundred national guardsmen and women to help us keep the peace tonight things started calm down the commercial buildings were set on fire the looting was still going on after dark in Santa Ana police were attacked at a demonstration when they showed up after an intersection was blocked mortar and mortar round large fireworks that they would throw at the cars the officers different types of fireworks Santa Ana police corporal Anthony Bertagna the protesters then moved on to the police station itself but were challenged before leaving the station and the one was hurt

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