UFC 'Fight Island' revealed in Abu Dhabi, will host 4 shows


One I mentioned that fight island. Is, real and it is official. UFC announced the location of the venue and forage. Lie shows on Tuesday including a very deep pay per view car that kicks everything off. Location is indeed Yes island in Abu Dhabi. So much for a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, homeless several. You have see events in the past. You've C. Two fifty. One is going to start the four event month. Fight night events on July Fifteenth Eighteenth and the twenty seventh. So you have C two fifty one. The main car we got Kamara loosen and Gilbert Burns for the welterweight title. alyx Volkogonov ski and Max Holloway to Peter Yawned. Josie Aldo for the vacant bantamweight title and Rose Now, Yunus, who was not fighting as a result of corona virus. She's back to face. Jessica and drudge and also page van Zandt who. I can't believe she's not injure right now. She will be facing, Amanda Rebus so. That's the lineup for the pay per view coming up from fight island first of four shows.

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