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Tom Brady, Patriots And Justin Tuck discussed on Sal Licata


The game the first points of the game because Justin talk was pressuring Brady in the backfield and he decided to throw a pass fifty yards downfield with no one in the facility I mean that was certainly crazy play that nobody expected then died defensively as well let's talk about the safety as we said the score right now patriots up ten nine giants a touchdown in a safety that's how they got to nine points it wasn't three field goals and you know you had Tom Brady was feeling the pressure of Justin talked through the middle of the field there was no receiver they're pretty surprising actually it was the right call the pretty surprising that the referees to call it but none the less Justin tuck getting that pressure in Tom Brady one he released the ball a little bit with nobody there a little bit too soon really look like a rookie on that's why I have to tell you it was really surprising to see him so panicky so rattled by the pressure of talk that he would do such a stupid thing so because the patriots two points when he was the killer Anita the giants get the free kick and then they come back and and it looks like they're going to do some really big damage they could take the nine of them lead by getting a touchdown after that safety but then the call put up give it up to extra points.

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