The Big Pictures: Ep. 235



Could do that. While someone was still alive. Well, you'd be prompted on by Netflix's to like review. Carl Reiner career, but like not when he was dead, but this guy's career. I mean this guy who created the Dick Van Dyke show a great great comedy before that he'd been a writer for Sid Caesar. With Sid Caesar on your show of shows. Then you create this show the Dick Van Dyke show, I was being offered situation comedies i. read a few of these, and they weren't very good. My wife and our infinite wisdom said why don't you write one so one summer and fire island I wrote a thing called head of the family and Peter Lawford. Put up the money for me to do a pilot or if I'm going to do a pilot I, better have some scripts, so that's summer. In six weeks. I wrote thirteen episodes I did the pilot and you were the Star I? Was this dog? It was okay it was just okay, and it didn't work, but my agent Harry and I'm blessing. He couldn't stand the fact that we're thirteen episodes. Lying on his desk gold he could sell. He called me and he got Sheldon Leonard and Danny Thomas. They said we're interested in your show and I said I. Don't want to fail with the same material twice and Sheldon said to me. You will fail because we'll get a benefactor to please you. Went on later in his career was probably already fifties or sixties, he starts making these comedy records with Mel. Brooks, the two thousand year, old man, he ends up in Ocean's eleven, and twelve and thirteen, but I pretend those don't exist in the indispensable role of the old guy who who ends up being one of the con artists they bring in without whom Brad Pitt and George Clooney couldn't do their thing. I'd doctor says I need vitamins. Vitamins. Come here to give me a physical, and then, of course, he's Rob Reiner's dad like without him. There's no when Harry met Sally. It's just amazing. He never stopped being fruitful and productive, and always seemed to be in good cheer. And just a life, a life well-lived. I hope the three of us are like having breakfast on TV trays. In our ninety seven years from now, and so, ah, we make a request if I may rather than just bloviating about him, which I could do for a very long time, because this is a man whose work I profoundly love. Can we just play a little bit of the two thousand year old man? If you've never heard it before or heard of it, but never actually took the time you know close appliance. Sit on the couch, turn on the air condition. Could you give us the secret of your longevity well the major. Major thing. Is that I never ever touch fried food. I don't eat it. I wouldn't look at it and I. Don't touch it and. Never run for bus will always be another. Even if you're late from work, you know I, never run for a boss. I never ran. I just stroke, Jonty, jolly walk into the. They were no buses in the time now in my in my time. A. What was the means of transportation then mostly fear. Fear transported via. Yes, you. Novel would would growl. You would go to miles in a minute. But I suppose you would be the main propulsion. Yes, but I think most people are interested in living along and fruitful life. You meant good to you mentioned. wrote me gone for one hundred and forty years once when I was on a very strict diet mainly nectarines. That fruit. Africa Beach Plum Chela fruits. Not to call not too hot. You know just nice. What is even are rotten? One is good. That's how much I love. I'd rather eat a rotten nectarine. Find Flom. What do you think? The two thousand year old managed a very old Jewish man complaining. This foundational truth, it's amazing. It is absolutely that Leo also true that he was in the gun, and actually was the first person to smuggle David. Ben Gurion into the Old City. You laugh, but but here's the truth. The truth is famously the state of Israel offered Albert Einstein the honor of being the first president of Modern Day Israel that was such a mistake. They should really have offered it to either Mellberg's or called Reiner because then it would have been really great Jewish nation, not at it isn't right now, but just imagine, but maybe we should start watching millbrook stuff I mean the. The whole joke between them. Is that Mel Brooks is so much younger. Call right not that much younger like he's. The younger one I'm. So maybe we should do like a mel brooks appreciation like each bring a thing to watch I'm in Leo. Would you bring us some upbeat news of the Jews I don't WanNa go out on that. Maybe from a hotly contested presidential state somewhere in the Midwest. Maybe something happened of Great Earth Shattering importance this week. It sure did this comes to us from the Great State of Ohio and from the even greater establishment that is little caesars pizza pizza apparently. People, still go to for pizza this coming from like dominoes lover, I'm not some New York's or or even God. Forbidding a guy who's only goes to his right to his favorite place, but really like you have sunk so low that go to little CAESARS, Pizza Pizza Ohio couple did, and when they entered an ordered their pizza with pepperoni. Which of course you know, no kosher keeping self-respecting Jew would do. They I'm reading from CNN here were shocked and disappointed when they opened their ready made to pepperonis arranged into shape of. A swastika. Natural, so I have to say this really actually troubles me very much first of all 'cause I don't think you should have opened your little caesars pizza find swastika, but even more troubled by the fact that the people who arranged the pepperonis did it in reverse. The swastika is backwards now. Here's the thing mark and Stephanie. Nazis used to be Nazis these to be known for like their saints of. Precision, they were nothing. If not precise, you could count on your Nazis. At least straight Nazis, today, men Nazis today can't even get Pepperoni on a pizza. The Right Way Nazis would not mess up. Your order I will say though there in relieved to know that this was actually in fact, a swastika as opposed to like when I look at tile formations. Go there. And I can't tell the person who's homa bathroom tile is philosophers. My sister just moved out of an apartment and I can finally tell her that the bathroom if you look closely at it. Big Pattern of swastikas. You've been sitting on that one for a long time. It's sitting on the toilet on that one for a long time.

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