Seattle driver charged with vehicular homicide after striking I-5 protesters


A 27 year old man this afternoon, was charged with vehicular homicide and assault for allegedly crashing his car into protesters on I five in Seattle over the weekend. The family of the protester killed summer Taylor is speaking out. Cairo radios Aaron Bonilla, reports. Taylor's mother says her child's fight for equality will live on even in death. We want summers passion as an ally. To continue lifting up black lives in Seattle. And all over our country. She spoke with Cairo seven TV and fought back tears, remembering Taylor a burst of creativity. Wit and charm. With a heart full of empathy. A driver struck Taylor early Saturday along a close section of I five in Seattle, as the 24 year old took part in a black lives matter. Protests 32 year old Diaz Love was also hit. Love remains at Harborview and is improving.

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