Ep. 577 - Everybodys Been Woked - burst 10


Some some empty suit sociopath like most people choose for the running mates are political appointments or just good old preacher from the heartland of America. Sign me up man. I'm I'm with Cognac. He says that he's okay. With siphoning off black votes from the Democratic nominee, thus helping trump says I'm not denying it I just told you to say that. The black vote is democratic as a form of racism and white supremacy. Damn right. It is absolutely the way that they're taught you. You see this constantly. People attacking Kanye because he's stealing votes. He's stealing black votes from. Joe Biden meaning. Joe Biden Oman's those black voters. Debra messing the actress, said this. Just the other day said it's absolutely disgusting. She said quote. He's playing Jill Stein. He's trying to take young black voters from Biden. It's disgusting. Biden doesn't own those voters. Sorry Lady and points that love that. he says that he believes quote planned. Parenthood's have been placed inside cities by White Supremacists to do the devil's Work Yup. Preach Man, absolutely, that's the most concise description of planned parenthood that I have heard and their their political strategy of expansion into cities that I have ever heard from any American politician now he's wrong on China. He kind of likes China, so that's bad and he wants to bring people from prison. That's not good, we. We don't like that very much but you know he's right. On the Democrats. He says is a line of Vista. Let's see if the appointing. Is it two thousand twenty or it's at twenty? Twenty Four but God appoints the president if I win in twenty twenty, and it was God's appointment. If I win in two thousand, twenty four, then,

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