FCC approves tougher restrictions on robocalls



FCC AFDC tells service providers cut up the COVID. Nineteen Scam Robo calls. Otherwise companies will face serious consequences they Kevin be of stop robocalls to begin with the FCC and FTC on Wednesday demanded gateway providers cut off traffic with Kobe. Nineteen Related International. Scammers are serious consequences. The Scam Robuck robocall campaigns included Fault Service refunds related cove in nineteen and baked calls about social security account being suspended during pandemic. I got one of those today. It was an eight eight number. I said that name looks familiar. I answered it and it was exactly that it was it was a scam call about social security accounts being suspended and I just I listened to it and I laughed rob fifteen seconds and I hung up on and So the SEC. Wants done within the next forty eight hours. Well when was written? Let me look at it yesterday while they didn't get her done yet. Because I got a call today

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