Wacky Khakis: Looters and Polluters

Pants On Fire


This week. Another thrilling addition of everybody's favorite game lackey Khakis. And now here's your host in an identical clone of devil theme. No Deborah Goldstein. I'm Deborah Goldstein. Not a clone. How do we know that? And here with me. As always unless he's a clone is our sound effects robot Liza whose name stands for live in studio audience. Lisa how about a little sound effects pizzazz? I'm not really in the mood for pizzazz. What are you in the mood for I can do this out of a tree. Falling the forest. When nobody's around to hear it. What does that sound like? That's what it sounds like. You weren't around for it. So how do you know? It doesn't sound like that okay. Good Point Now how about giving us the sound of a robot telling us how our game works and it here all right okay. Every time we play Wacky Khakis Deborah. We tell one wild story about the world. There is a baby. Only one of those stories is the truth and the other one is a lie. And it's the job of two human children to figure out which one is. Which and would you please introduce those human child contestants? Everything okay our human child contestant. We got this kid named Toby. He was on the Blacksmith episode. We got this. Other named declan from our gymnastics episode. Welcome guy also with us today to be our Wacky Khakis. Timekeeper referee is our producer. No welcome back Noah. Hey guys good to be here Okay real heads will know that in Wacky Khakis Deborah Lisa. Each change to tell their stories for the timer sounds. We flipped a coin which later found out was a trick. Coin from both sides were heads and so Lisa has chosen to go second. That's how you do it. Well Debra means you're up first feeling good. I'm feeling rate okay. Our topic this week is looters and polluters story of money hungry business ventures. That were no friends of mother. Nature listen up carefully declan and toby. Deborah your timer will begin. Now they say that money can't buy you happiness and I suppose that's mostly true but an underground perfume shop in Miami between one thousand nine hundred eighty two and one thousand nine hundred eight. It could by perfumes and colognes extracted from federally protected. Endangered Species Ronca Thurman. The mastermind behind this criminal enterprise referred to her fragrances. As Ex tinctures tinctures for fragrances made from species that were going extinct though. Ex tinctures generally didn't smell any better than the much cheaper less destructive sense available legally they served as a status symbol for Miami's rich and powerful throughout the eighties. The most famous variety was called Miami blue named after the endangered butterfly. It was made from today. There are fewer than one hundred. These butterflies still living though it was incredibly difficult to find and capture. The vulnerable species used in perfumes. The business was made profitable by the exorbitant sums. People would pay for them sometimes. Up to fifteen thousand dollars for a two ounce bottle Thurman extinct. Were an open secret among southern Florida's money classes for years but an expose by the Miami Herald brought down the multi-million dollar operation in October of Nineteen Thurman Served US eleven months in prison before securing an early release Thurman went on to make millions more dollars offer confessional autobiography fragrance endangered panther must prairie clover. See turtled wearing that stuff. Just made you feel like you were somebody. An anonymous customer was quoted as saying in the book. We all know it was wrong but there was something so cool about knowing your sent. Who's going extinct? It was the ultimate limited edition. Pat Is time oil done deborah. Well what do you think of that story? L. Is Pretty Nice. Yeah I liked it except for the except for the danger. Save all endangered animal. You would. You wouldn't buy perfume from an animal that was going. You know what I didn't like about the story what I didn't like the animals being killed. No it's terrible deborah. I wish you would. You wouldn't talk about that. I would not like to but it's important that people know that these things happened and that people actually paid money for such a thing which is disgusting. It's shameful shameful for what you guys said. Yes I agree. Yes fully times two million. I appreciate your

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