Dow Falls 400 Points As Questions Are Raised Over Moderna’s Coronavirus Vaccine

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Questions tonight about Madonna's vaccine sent stocks lower. But there are new signs tonight. The country is getting back to business BALDO session for Stocks Today. Stocks lose ground early to research how this as yesterday star becomes today's goat shares of Maduna tanking. Why is it that the federal government should be the source of this money? Plus IS AMERICA TURNING AGAINST OUR CITIES AS MORE COMPANIES? Allow working from home. What's the downside this? Cnbc special report markets in turmoil starts right now. Here's Scott Wapner. Welcome good to have you with us on this Tuesday night. After a late day SELLOFF. Let's get your first look at futures tonight. It was a sudden sell-off late in the day right now though. We are green across the board quite early as you know. Stock closing at their lowest following report by our partners at got news raising questions about trial results. From dern his vaccine candidate the Dow and S&P five hundred both falling more than one percent the headline from Staten News. That shook the markets today vaccine experts say modern. It didn't produce data critical to assessing Kobe. Nineteen vaccine for more on that report from Stat News. It did move the stock market. We are joined once again tonight by Dr Scott Gottlieb a CNBC contributor of course the former head of the FDA. Dr Gottlieb's good to see you again. What is your reaction to this news in this late day? Report from Stat. Well look I think. The report raised the reasonable questions. But I think the news is what it was which is the data from earners encouraging. There's now data. From multiple different vaccine development programs both preclinical and some clinical data suggesting that it's possible to develop vaccine constructs that produce genetically mean produce antibodies that could potentially be neutralizing against the virus and could afford some level of protection. But the data's very early we don't know what the title levels were for this vaccine for the antibodies produce so we don't know the magnitude the antibody production. We don't know whether or not all the antibodies were neutralizing. So that means whether or not they would actually target the virus and eliminate the virus. So there's a lot we don't know but the data was encouraging but it was early dated. I'm there's still a lot of work to be done including finding the right dose of that vaccine that could be taken into later stage trials and so you know I think the stat article raised all the reasonable questions. That was still out there yesterday as well but I think the totality of the data that we have around different vaccine contracts should give us increasing confidence that at some point in the future and perhaps in the near future going into the fall we should be able to develop experimental vaccines that will deliver some level of immunity against this virus. Some are asking the question tonight. Dr Gotlib whether this data should have been released at all by Madonna. And how would you answer that? Well look I'm not sure why they released. The data set the way they did and I suspect they felt compelled to release after there was some discussion of the data on Friday. Or perhaps of this data there was some discussion about data from an early trial on Friday. At a press conference that was held and if that was representing them returning data they may have felt compelled to release Monday morning but perhaps if they You know we had the opportunity to. They would have waited a little longer until they had data on all of the forty five patients. Whether or not they were producing neutralizing antibodies as well as quantitative data on the level of antibody production so they qualified the data to describe the level of antibody production that they saw the trial but they didn't quantify it and you would have wanted to see the quantity of the antibodies that were being produced really to have an accurate picture of just how robust the immune response was to this virus. I suspect that they didn't have a complete data set. They said at the time they disclosed that they only had data on the neutralizing antibodies. I eight patients so only had data on whether or not the antibodies are actually targeting limiting the virus on eight of the forty five patients for the patients. We know that they developed what we call binding antibodies. Anybody's abound the virus. But we don't know they eliminate the virus

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