EU could reopen borders to tourists in Covid-19 recovery plan


With many European borders closed because the corona virus pandemic the tourism industry already hard hit he's feeling a catastrophic summer but it's not just tourists are affected business travel has taken a hit to answer the European Commission the executive arm of the E. U. is introducing a rescue plan or roadmap today to alleviate the pressure on the economy I asked our Europe correspondent Gavin Lee how the road map could help the tourist industry the three elements to it basically it's about in the words of the the commission spokesperson at a briefing but I've had the rights of individuals for the need to rest relaxation fresh chat and see families in other countries not depends of course on the situation the commission says of how bad the extent of the virus is spreading whether it remains fairly common there isn't a second spike but what we're looking at the setting out a roadmap for tourism and travel and holidays as of this summer so some of twenty twenty I know what's and a couple of the areas includes making sure of course it's slow it's progressive there will be some kind which told of guys that if you're going on holiday somewhere in Europe there should be an indication of what all the coveted prevention strategies in each country that you might go to what all the hotel strategies and also there will be a recommendation the individual hotels start to advertise put themselves on the market in what they can offer your average tourist and holiday maker in terms of conflict prevention cleanliness ability to to sanitize things like that but that should be part of the you know the new holiday approaches for example of these old recommendations so that's one of them and the other thing is about analogs and number of countries fourteen countries have said that because of the pressure off the adult industry give you an exam well I am in Brussels the main advice here Brussels airlines have axed are they going to access a quarter will jobs a thousand staff will go into the open a third of the allied fleet will go as well all the giving money as cash back for people who need refunds for cancelled flights because of coverage the idea was to give vouchers no the EU commission will push back in the meeting today to say no you can make vouchers more attractive more appealing but that should be fundamentally principle of the rights of of somebody to have the money back instead so that service a couple of elements that are looking at as part of the the summer travel plan today so if you are within the E. U. and you want to go on holiday can you go anywhere this is a really good points on this is there are two words or phrases that you might still hear more more one is social trouble bubble a social travel bubble the second is a travel corridor so for example this Friday the Baltic states already putting the borders to each other so Estonia Latvia Lithuania what's been relatively few cases along with Finland already booked to travel in and out of each other's countries so for example Estonia relies on tourists from Finland forty percent of its tourists come up from that so this is a big thing and that will mean free movement for all of those people the Swiss national broadcast today have suggested that they will announce later on that the internal borders between Switzerland Austria Germany and France would also reopen for total travel between them so the idea is that that you you've got almost a either social bubble of of those countries innocent people in those countries going on holiday that briefly travel corridors was put to the E. U. yesterday by my Danish Coley there's been talk of Denmark for example saying that they've had a few cases could I have a simple flight path to Greece was also a few cases the commission says that will be up to member states but they will not recommend it and they would also not recommend quarantine if you fly somewhere but you should have to stay fourteen days in a hotel they said there should be no need for that with the way prevention for coverage I should in theory take place on the grounds of get home sometimes as washing it

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